Carmen and Camille

Carmen and Camille Are So Hot Right Now, Just Not In Canada

Tucked away in the back of the Rivoli, I stood waiting for the girls to perform. The girls, Carmen and Camille, are two Canadians from Vancouver who have been writing their own songs since they were five. And let me tell you something: they are not five years old anymore.

The show was running a bit late, and I wondered if I could go outside quickly. I was told that we were "just waiting for Jane". I said okay, and left the back area to find myself face-to-face with Gene Simmons. Ohhhh. GENE not JANE.

It was showtime.

When the show was over and I finally had Carmen and Camille to myself, I had to inquire about this Gene Simmons business. He was totally hogging them to himself. Who does he think he is anyway?

"He's an interesting man," Carmen told me. Camille agreed.

"Yeah, he's got lots to say; lots of opinions. He told us about some good poses, and suggested different ways for us to get into the music. Oh, and to interact more with each other -which we normally do. I don't know why we didn't tonight. He's definitely got a lot of insight, so we'll heed his advice."

At the beginning of the show, Carmen and Camille announced that it was their first gig ever in Toronto. A month ago they were in Cairo, and in two weeks they will play in the North Pole for Canadian troops. They have played numerous shows in central Europe. They have also had multiple songs played on MTV's The Hills, and consequently have played numerous shows in the U.S. What I am trying to point out is that the world is their oyster, and Canada is... not.

Carmen: "It's just kind of always been easier for us. We have dual citizenship, so we play a fair bit more in the States than we have in Canada. Well, a lot more than we have in Canada."

So how do they about Toronto?

"It's definitely an area we'd like to spend more time in. I mean, we love it here. We would like to play more shows, because we love the band we play with."

While they both sign, Carmen also plays the flute and Camille the guitar. I guess now might be a good time to mention that, while on their website both girls are blond, Camille has now chosen to be a brunette. It was a shock to me and I recovered, but still I felt the need to bring it up.

"We do need to get some new pictures going. Yeah, I went and bought a box of hair dye and just did it."

But Carmen saw where I was coming from.

"We hemmed and hawed about it. We tried to decide 'do we tell people this? Do we make this decision with other people?'"

"You should have called me."

"Well, when I go back to blond you'll be the first person to know."

They will be playing Thursday night at the Reverb with the Born Destroyers.

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