halloween party guide 2008 toronto

Toronto Halloween Party Guide 2008

Why is it that we as adults still find it hugely entertaining to dress up in cheesy costumes, go out in public, and act like we are 10 years old? Honestly, I don't know and I don't care - it's just a great excuse to party, worship evil forces, and have fun.

This year Halloween is on a Friday, which can only mean that pretty much every bar/club is throwing a Halloween themed party. Here are a few suggestions of events I think are worth checking out.

Remember, going to these festivities without a costume is not cool. Everyone is going through the shame together, so you have no excuse! Plus, you can also see it as an investment opportunity, as most of these parties are hosting costume competitions with prizes that go from free candy to $500 cash.

The Halloween House Party
What:The (Funny Name Here) House Party
Where: Your Friend's House (haha, always better that your own home)
Why: I personally enjoy Halloween house parties the best, even if they're just to start the night off. You're surrounded by people that you know and feel comfortable with, and it's easier to engage in witty conversations about your bad costumes and poke fun at each other. It also means that you can reap the benefits of eating more delicious Halloween candy, cupcakes and bizarre food that might resemble human organs.

The Halloween Gallery Rock Show
What: BusySnapper Halloween Bash
Where: Whippersnapper Gallery, 587A College Street
Why: The guys from Busy Bodies and Whippersnapper are teaming up for a great Halloween bash. Parties at Whippersnapper are always fun and the music line up is great. Perfect evening for the Indie Rocker.
yip yip from Orlando Florida
Ten Kens of Toronto
Tonka and Puma
plus more musical guests TBA

$5 Advance or with costume
$7 if you come without a costume, you idiot.

The Halloween Hipster Party
What: Cobrasnake Death Disco Dance Party
Where: Wrongbar, 1279 Queen Street West
Why: Mark The Cobrasnake (the famous party photographer) seems to be a regular in Toronto's nightlife lately. If you want to be immortalized in your worst costume while you dance to some good electro and b-more sounds, this might be for you.
Pase Rock
Nasty Nav
Rory Them Finest

10PM $15 Advance tickets at Rotate This, Play De Record and Wantickets: http://www.wantickets.com

The Haunted Boat Halloween Party
What: Santa Cruz - HA-llowe'en
Where: CAPTAIN JOHN'S Seafood Ship, 1 Queen's Quay West (at Yonge St.)
Why: Santa Cruz events are always a blast! They're always doing something fun and special for whatever occasion. Come on! Capitan John's boat!? Best chance to swing it with the the old pirate ghosts that roam in that place. Ideal for the artsy types.
DJs Ray Gillespie, Jeremy Stewart, TCB, Rob Benvie.
With Guests:
Staring Therapy, Secret Dance, Aurora de Pena, Rose Bianchini,
Make-Out Booths, The Future and Emily Dickinson Fortunes with Damian Rogers,
Ouija Boards, Advice Booth with Amanda Burt, Adam Harris, Tattoo Parlour with Sarah Bolen, and much more.
New non-messaging, messaging system. Everyone who comes in gets five taking-care-of-business cards.

10pm $10 Advance tickets at www.santacruzforever.com

The Halloween Club Party
What: Get Er Done Tour Kick Off Halloween at Randomland
Where: CIRCA
Why: With a showcase of some of Toronto's best, CIRCA will be a great place to get wild and have a surreal over the top Halloween experience. Good for people who like to spend the holiday going hard at Randomland with a lot of random people.
Thunderheist - www.myspace.com/thunderheist
Auto Erotique (VND/LSM) www.myspace.com/vndlsm
MANSION www.myspace.com/mansiondj
BARBI www.myspace.com/djbarbi

$15 advance tix can be purchased at the following location

The Techno Halloween Party
What: How to Avoid a ZOMBIE Attack! (...we dance!)
Where: Secret meeting location downtown Toronto TO BE ANNOUNCED closer to the date.
Join Break and Enter Newsletter or facebook group to keep informed.
Why: The Salem Loft Halloween Parties were classics. Now, all the experience from those years is being transferred to the new Break and Enter events. Fun guaranteed! Recommended for those techno lovers, old school ravers and dirty hippies.
Jimmy Edgar -DJ set (Warp Records)
Maetrik - Live & DJ (Treibstoff, Iron Box Music)
Live anti-zombie demonstrations by:
Eric Downer (Thoughtless Music)
Intrepid Traveller - LIVE (breakandenter, recombinant.ca)
evolve (breakandenter)
Special zombie proof environment provided by:
Francis WAX

Doors open at 10pm, party until late
Tickets on sale at Moog Audio / Slinky Music
Limited advance tickets $20, more after.

The Other Techno Halloween Party
What: Grindhouse Halloween
Where: The Opera House, 735 Queen St. East
The Basement, 659 Queen St West
Why: In case the Break and Enter party sells-out, or just because they have an extraordinary line-up too, this party will go long and steady. For those who like to go from Dusk till Dawn.
Alexi Delano (Plus8/Truesoul/Harthouse/Audiomatique/Sweden)
Tony Rohr -LIVE -(Drumcode/Cocoon/Weave/HiddenAgenda/NYC)
Dietrich Schoenmann (HiddenAgenda/Addon/ToraToraTora/NYC)
Jamie Kidd (Metalogic/Platform/Xanuradio)
Hali (Box of Kittens)

Official Afterparty@The Basement 5am-10am
Terence Kissner (Afe Society/Platform)
Jamie Kidd vs. Hali (Platform/Box of Kittens)
Mike Gibbs (Box of Kittens)

Main Event Opera House 10:30pm-4:30am
Official Afterparty @ The Basement 4:30pm-10:am

Tickets $23 Advance only at Moog Audio
Door $25 Before 12pm

Visit www.xanuradio.com / www.platforment.com for more info.

The Halloween Retro Dance Party
Where: THE OSSINGTON, 61 Ossington
Why: If you know the Gang of Two you know they play some of the best retro sounds. For this party they are encouraging people to wear costumes that reflect the time period of the music they play like Disco, New York Downtown circa 1977 - 84 or some Old School Hip Hop attire. If you wished you were born in NY, this might be for you.
with dj's
Rod Skimmins, Andy Capp, Pooyan and Todd


The Halloween Fun Dance Party
What: Flogging a Dead Horse>>Halloween Thing>>
Where: The Augusta House, 152 Augusta Ave
Why: Lost Cats parties are probably the most fun dance parties. The music they play is so eclectic that it becomes pure fun. I'm sure being Halloween, they will take that extra step to keep the crowd joyful. For those who can let go and dance/sing to the most cheesy tracks of them all.
with special guests Anthony G. + Hard Dough from Room Party
Special installation by The Black Light Association of Canada.


The Pride Halloween Party
What: Vazoween
Where: Lee's Palace
Why: Vazaleen parties are more than well known in this town, they are legendary. Now, add some Halloween excuse to bring it back and take the madness even further and you get one of your Halloween's best bets. If you like it different, come have some fun!
NO BRA (a new meaning to gender confusion)
Will Munro and the Skeleton Crew
Make You Do the Monster Mash
Go Go Cock Wolf and Co Co la Creme
Haunting visuals mixed by Roxanne

10pm tickets will be available at door
advance tickets will be available at
rotate this queen st. w for 10$
cover is 10$ with costume
and more without!

The Halloween Theme Party
What: Thriller Nights
Where: Canadian Corps Legion Hall, 201 Niagara St.
Why: Because Halloween just wouldn't be the same without Jacko Wacko's talent - seriously!
Celebrating all things creepy and Michael Jackson (aren't they one and the same?), THRILLER NIGHTS Halloween dance party is back at an all-new venue this year!
Feat. the YO! Jamz DJ Crew
MJ Visuals

$3.50 drinks all night!

Limited advance tickets $7 on sale now at Rotate This, Soundscapes

The Hip Hop Halloween Party
What: Good Music Party: Halloween Edition
Where: Parkdale Drink, 1292 Queen St. West
Why: One of Toronto's favourite Dj Nana has been throwing the Good Music Parties playing awesome hip hop styles! But never before has he seen you shake your booty wearing your mom's clothes (or has he?).
Music by Dj NaNa - www.myspace.com/deejaynana

halloween party guide 2008 toronto.jpg

If you have more parties to recommend, I would love to hear about them!
Share them with others by adding them in the comments below.

Photography by me, Carlos Weisz / KineticForm.

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