Montreal jazz and cabaret singer Amanda Mabro in town tonight

TD Jazz Festival: Amanda Mabro at Supermarket Tonight

As part of the TD Jazz Festival this week, Montreal chanteuse Amanda Mabro will performing at the Supermarket tonight. Amanda's old school belt-out jazz has a sense of theatrical throwback as she mixes in French and German cabaret influences - think Ella Fitzgerald meets Marlena Dietrich more than Jane Monheit. Having just released her Red Rows EP which CBC Radio 1 calls "groundbreaking", Amanda is busy with the jazz festival season with another concert at the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal next week. She also produces WAWA (WeAre WomenArtists) which recently wrapped its fourth annual show back in her hometown.

Who are you and if you were to describe your music what would it be?
I am a Montreal gal that goes by the name of Amanda Mabro. I enjoy belting out a big ol' tune every now and again. I guess the adjectives I'd use to describe my music would include fun, poppy, quirky, raw, passionate and soulful. Today, that's how I'd describe it.

What's new with you, Amanda?
Well, I've got a series of interesting projects in the works which is always nice. At the moment I'm focusing on my upcoming festival dates in Toronto and Montreal. After that I'll be back in studio recording the sister EP to my new EP "Red Rows" that was just released. The sister EP is due out some time in late summer or early fall and will be called "Wine Flows". Apart from that, my co-witer/producer Cozmos and I are working on a brand new theatrical show of sorts called "What's Your Pleasure?" and considering some potential work in Europe - Oh, how that would be just grand, yes yes! Apart from that I'll be moving to the 2nd floor of my building. The neighbors who currently live there sold me their upright piano for $100 - I know, WOW! - and I'll have a balcony facing the park which I am pretty ecstatic about that to say the least (my current apartment is in a courtyard so I don't get much light and that's making me a little batty)!

Are the jazz shows, festivals and audiences in Toronto any different from back in Montreal?
I've played in Toronto about a dozen times before. I've found that Toronto audiences have been a little more reserved about showing their enthusiasm. I found it a little confusing until I noticed how many more CDs they were buying than a lot of very enthusiastic Montrealers. I think Torontonians are much more saturated and as a result less reactive, but it doesn't mean they don't appreciate what you are doing.

What do you like most about Toronto?
I like the rugged urban feel the city has. It strikes me as the kind of place that doesn't necessarily capture your heart immediately but with time you discover how much it actually has to offer. At least, that's what it's been like for me thus far.

What do you dislike most about Toronto?
The traffic is a little brutal and, not to contradict myself considering my previous answer, but there aren't enough trees in the city. Then again, I am used to the pothole ridden, tree covered, crooked but lovable streets of Montreal.

Amanda Mabro at the Supermarket
268 Augusta Ave.
Doors 8:30pm
Show 9:30pm
Tickets:$10 advance, $12 at door

Photo credit: Eva Blue

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