Call & Response: Ruby Coast

Call & Response: Ruby Coast

Yes, this is the right picture. These guys are young. Four of five members in the Aurora-based indie band Ruby Coast are recent high school graduates, and the fifth member is currently writing OAC Grade 12 exams!

Not even two years into existence and Ruby Coast have already started to build a buzz thanks to their enthusiastic live shows and their self-titled EP. Rumour has it there NXNE showcase was impressive and their set at this Sunday's edition of Wavelength promises to be the same. I spoke with Justice (guitar, vocals) about shotguns, huge fireworks, and Young Jeezy.

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blogTO: Why are you called Ruby Coast?

Justice: Mark and I were enjoying an afternoon of boat racing when a sailboat named Ruby went from 4th place to 1st with just one mean gust of wind. At that time, the band had been formed without a name so light bulbs appeared over our heads at the same time with speech bubbles coming out of our mouths; mine saying "Ruby" and Mark's saying "Coast".

How would you describe your sound using only a noun?


How did the band form?

How? I watched Nathan (guitar, keys) play a show with his old band and he was shredding the guitar which got me excited. I knew how to play a g and c on the guitar. Why? Hurt feelings, suburban boredom, a group of friends, a barn to jam in.

I graduated from high school a long time ago. I'm curious: what are the "classic" records for high schoolers these days?

Getting stoned to Dark Side of the Moon was pretty frequent in high school. All I really listened to at the end of my high school career was classic rock unless Young Jeezy was playing at a party.

Where/with who did you record your new EP? What's the artwork all about?

A placed called The Palace with our friend Damon Delsago and the artwork was a printing test that was beside artwork that was made. We decided we liked the printing test more for the EP. Rich Lawson at Typitos did it, he rules.

Do you all still live Aurora?

Our drummer Corey lives in Newmarket. We live [in Aurora] because we're now out of school, play music and have no money with part-time jobs. Also Corey is in his high school exams so we can't really go anywhere until he's finished.

What do you like best about being a GTA-based band?

Toronto is close so we can come down and play with a lot of great bands the city has to offer.

What do you like least about it?

I'm in Toronto a lot so the traveling cost of going back and forth down the DVP.

The weather lately has been crazy. Do you have any good/bad storm stories?

After our NXNE show there was a crazy thunder storm and our friend Bobby requested that we shotgun the beers he left in the van. It was coming down hard but whatever Bob says goes. So a bunch of us (band, friends, our agent) bolted to the van which was parked a block or so away. 15 minutes later, we returned to the Drake drenched and messy but ready to party.

What can people expect to see/hear/feel at your Wavelength show this Sunday?

A huge fireworks show (our permit is in the mail from the fire department), bass pumpin' and Corey in his graduation get-up.

Wavelength 418
Feat. Shapes & Sizes, Weird Weeds, Ruby Coast
Sunday, June 22
Sneaky Dee's
431 College Street
Doors: 9pm

Call & Response is a series of Q&A's with bands from or playing in Toronto. Photo: Kid With Camera.

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