Sta Answers the Call to Remix This!

Sta Answers the Call to REMIX THIS!

According to its Wikipedia page, the remix originated in the dance hall culture of late-1960s Jamaica. Early disco DJs used remixes to keep men, women and drag queens on dance floors, and the underground rave scene always embraced remixes just as lovingly as they did original tracks.

Today, remixes are enjoying mainstream success. They are everywhere now - music sites, little blogs, big blogs, dance clubs, rock clubs, and even commercials.

Every Wednesday night at Andy Poolhall, DJ Medley hosts Remix This!, a free weekly club night dedicated to the art of the remix. The format for the evening is limited to remixes and blends of tracks.

Toronto-based producer/remixer Sta headlines Remix This! tomorrow night. His debut single on notable UK record label Marine Parade is a remix of the theme song from the popular 90's comedy show In Living Colour. Sta has many quality remixes under his belt already, with more on the way in 2008.

I spoke with DJ Medley about his night and his appreciation for remixes:

blogTO: How long have you been DJing?

I've been DJing for 7+ years. I've played at most clubs in Toronto, traveled North America and had many notables in my career.

When did you start the Remix This! weekly? Has it always been at Andy Poolhall?

Remix This! originally started as a monthly at Lot 16, on the first Saturday of the month. Bringing a large sound system into the tiny bar and packing it beyond capacity, it quickly became talked about. However, I landed residency as Revival's Saturday night DJ after opening for Mike Relm. It was an offer I could not refuse so I passed the night of to SplatterMonkey where he now throws "Ain't That A Groove". I had been on the waiting list for the next open residency at Andy Poolhall after impressing the owner at a special event I DJed there. As soon as Wednesdays became available I took it over, that was October 3rd, 2007. I've booked a different DJ every week ever since and secured a long future for the night.

Why did you start a weekly that only features remixes?

Remixing has been around since the early seventies, arguably starting with Tom Moulton's "Love Is The Message" remix. Remixing, along with turntablism are what's the difference between a musician and a technician.

Remixing, producing, mashing and re-editing are the biggest things that set deejays apart nowadays. DJing has become something anyone with Torq or Serato can do. DJs need to step it up a notch to be original - basic mixing and even the art of selection is no longer a labour of love. Blogs and online music charts pick out what music to play for a DJ and software puts it on beat for them. However, producing one's own remixes like Sta, T-Wrecks, Egyptrixx, Cryo, Robb G, etc. requires musical knowledge, unique style and lots of time. Performing live mashups like Fase, Wristpect and Tasc, takes a lot of time honing a craft and deserve a lot of credit for their skills. Remix This! is a way of giving these DJs an avenue to display their skills as a unique artist.

Feat. Sta, DJ Medley
Andy Poolhall
489 College Street
Doors 10pm

Photo: Texas.

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