Horseshoe Rock

Friday Night Rock

Writing and photos by John Hargraft.

The Horseshoe. Friday night. Lots of leather and tattoos. A serious hard rock show was about to happen. The shoe was pretty busy even at 9:30 and four bands where on the line up for the night.

The first band on stage was Zuku, a four member group with all the guys from Pembroke but not forming the band till after they were all living in Toronto. They have a seven song EP out called Here With You. They play pretty heavy rock with some melodies that was not out of place. A good set but ended sooner than I thought it should.

Next up was a less hard and more vintage rock with some blues Starvin Hungry. This four piece out of Montreal have been around since 1996. Their latest release is Cold Burns out on the Signed by Force label. The band has a group of fans that were there just for them and they didn't disappoint them. John Milchem, the lead vocals and guitar, has some moves. A flexibility that is beyond me as he is able to bend over backwards while playing and with his head touching the ground rock out as hard as any solo he did earlier in the set.

Rammer. The name says a lot. During the break the patrons of the bar had seemed to morph into a heavy metal crew that was not there half an hour ago. At the front of the stage while waiting for the band I was asked by more than one person if I thought that it was safe for my camera to be there. Of course it was I told them but it almost wasn't.

Thrash metal is how I would describe Rammer and their fans love to thrash. I only lasted four songs at the front before I had to get out. As soon as the band started I was being pushed hard into the small stage. The pressure was unrelenting and many knees to the kidneys told me either join in or get out. I have seen a few shows at the Horseshoe but none as wild as this. People were stage diving and crowd surfing all over a pit of thrashing metal heads. Crazy.

The headlining band was C'mon. This 3 person outfit from Toronto/New Orleans is comprised of ex-members of Blurtonia and Nashville Pussy. Rock is what C'mon is heart and soul. This band has been busy with 3 full lengths out in 4 years. Their latest is Bottled Lighting of an All Time High. The set was high energy and great but definitely a step tamer than Rammer. Safer for me as well.

A heavy rock night at the Horse Shoe and good times had by all.

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