DJ Jr-Flo has the Keys to the Right Groove

DJ Jr-Flo has the Keys to the Right Groove

Jr-Flo is one of Toronto's top DJs. This former ITF World and Canadian DMC Champion has toured the world and held many residencies in all the high profile Toronto clubs (including Vince Carter's Inside). He also helped warm the crowds up at Russell Peters' two ACC shows last year.

Keys N Krates is Flo's new project. It features his well-known turntablist/mixing skills accompanied by live keyboards and drums. They will be performing live remixes of hip hop classics tomorrow night at Down One Lounge on Front Street East.

Keep reading for complete Flo-down.

blogTO: How did the Keys N Krates project come about?

Jr-Flo: Keys N Krates came about through myself and Matisse (keyboardist) being introduced by a mutual friend (wattup Abbey) and finding out that we basically both wanted to do some innovative live stuff with turntables and live insturments. As soon as we first started hooking up and jamming the creativity just kinda flowed.

What can we expect at your show tomorrow night?

We're a live party-rocking remix band...meaning that we'll take fun songs you know or don't know and completely re-interpret/remix them. You'll be getting a hip hop set: Krs-One, The Fugees, Hov (aka Jay-Z), Mos Def, etc. At upcoming shows you'll see us flip a bunch of disco, 80s and Motown stuff. Expect a party 'cause at the end of the day we are here to make people dance and have fun. It's not supposed to be some nerd shit. I hope people don't just watch us. That would suck.

Will you be doing any crazy DMC stuff?

Well, kinda sorta. You'll definitely get to see me utilize my scratching/juggling skills but again, it all ties in with the what the band and I are doing. It's all done in good taste and in the name of party rocking.

How will your turntables mix with the keyboards and drums?

The turntables sound great with the keys and drums. What's so awesome about this band is that we really put the work into making sure everything sounds right together. Expect really synthy soundscapes, drum grooves that take you on a ride, and the turntables acting as the analog glue that holds everything together.

SPANKdelicious presents: Keys N Krates
Saturday, February 23
Down One Lounge
49 Front Street East (at Church)
9pm, $5 at door

Photo: Shannon Boodram.

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