Call & Response: Birds of Wales

Call & Response: Birds of Wales

Birds of Wales have been building a name for themselves in the UK and Europe for quite some time now. Heard of them? Probably not. Although they're based in Toronto, they remain unsigned here in North America and focus most of their touring across the Atlantic.

With their next record about to be released this spring, it seems that maybe Birds of Wales are about to balance their exposure out a bit on both sides of the pond. They're playing high profile shows next month at Canadian Music Week and SXSW down in Austin.

They are also playing Tattoo Rock Parlour tonight with DJ sets provided by Shit La Merde and Sloan's Patrick Pentland. I spoke with Morgan Ross from the band about their band name, Barcelona, and slurpees.

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blogTO: Why are you called Birds of Wales?

Morgan Ross: My mother is patriotically Welsh, and I grew up with a Cockatoo and have an affinity for birds.

How would you describe the music you make?

Folk-based, toe tapping, mature pop music.

What inspires your songs?

The urge to create something vulnerable, honest, and often politically- and socially-tinged.

Your story seems to be that you're more known in the UK and Europe than you are here in North America. Why is that?

British audiences in particular have responded amazingly to the band. We are set to start our fourth tour in Europe in March - the fourth in just over a year's time. We have played more shows in Europe than we have in Canada.

What is your favourite city in Europe?

We are lucky enough to have some great die hard fans throughout the UK and Europe. Barcelona is my favourite city to play in; the people there are wild for us.

What do you like best about living in Toronto?

The opportunity. I love how ambitious people in Toronto are and how many business and artistic options we have. I come from Vancouver, and Toronto suits me far greater.

What do you like least?

There aren't any Taco Del Mars in Toronto.

What is your preferred method of transportation around town?

I walk everywhere. By walking, I get exercise, and each $2.75 I save, I buy a slurpee.

What do you hope happens in 2008?

Our album will be released in spring 2008. I am really proud of how it has turned out, and I think people are going to respond really well to it. We are set to be playing the Festival circuit throughout Europe in the summer.

Birds of Wales w/ DJ Shit La Merde, DJ Patrick
Thursday, February 21
Tattoo Rock Parlour
567 Queen Street West
10pm, $7 at door

Photo: Birds of Wales official website.

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