Top 5 T.O. Tunes of 2007: Dance Edition

Top 5 T.O. Tunes of 2007: Dance Edition

Pop/Rock - check. Hip Hop - check. Now let's hit the dance floor. 2007 saw lots of local DJs pop up spinning the new electro house sound, and there are some hot producers emerging in that genre as well. But it's not all about Daft Punk worship on this best of list. Let's check it out.

"Swagger" by Gingy

Gingy should make a name for himself next year with help from more tracks like this. I'm not sure why he has an old World Series pic of former Blue Jay Joe Carter on his Myspace page, but this track sure is a home run (sorry - I had to do it). It's an electro house banger with a solid acid breakdown and stutter edits throughout that are defining this ever-evolving genre.

"Uh Oh!" by VNDLSM

I'm not going to say too much about these 2 young Toronto guys because of the Call & Response I did with them earlier this week. I will say that there is an illegal sample on this track, Beyonce's people are suing them over it, and that it killed at CiRCA when they dropped it Friday night.

"Disco Pigs in Space" by Andrew Allsgood

This funky, spacy track by top-notch DJ Andrew Allsgood has the best title of the year for sure. You can't help but picture a spaceship full of interplanetary pigs zooming through the galaxy in search of new worlds where they can hide from the big, bad electro wolf. It's not a dance floor slayer like some of the other tracks on this list but it's well produced and I'm a sucker for bongos.

"When You Go Out" by Sebastien Grainger

Sebastien Grainger (former DFA79 singer/drummer) posted this Prince-infused jam earlier in the year on his Myspace page. He has since started playing more rock 'n roll music with his new backing band The Mountains, so this track shows that Grainger can do it all. Well. This is the best guitar solo dance track of the year. There's also an amazing disco remix by Mercurius FM at the link above.

"Life We Live" by Let's Go To War

This track is going to be officially released next year when Let's Go To War formally introduce themselves to the masses care of Last Gang Records. This is a groovy electro house rap song and it's really good. With its vocoder chorus, it's got a definite MSTRKRFT vibe to it and since both acts are on the same label, look for LGTW to follow the path that MSTRKRFT have already started paving.

Tune in tomorrow for the Best Remixes. Photo: Let's Go To War by Take More Photos.

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