Call & Response: VNDLSM

Call & Response: VNDLSM

As Toronto's growing indie dance scene continues to explode, more and more talent is emerging from the shadows of our clubs. DJ/Production/Remix duo VNDLSM made the biggest leap into the spotlight this year thanks to their manic bootleg remix of Rihanna's smash hit "Umbrella". Superstar DJ Diplo championed the track and included it on his ridiculously flawless I Like Turtles mixed CD.

VNDLSM are spinning at the Randomland "Tropical Holiday" party tomorrow night at CiRCA along with Vitaminsforyou, A.D/D. and a special live performance by Jake Fairley. I spoke to Dave (aka Very Nice Dave) and Keith (aka Legendary Sweaty Murphy) about their year, their lawsuits and their bright future.

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blogTO: 2007 has been a big year for you guys. Are you surprised with how your year has gone?

Dave: It's 2007 already? Wow.

Keith: We are less surprised and just more excited over the whole thing!

When did you first find out that your "Umbrella" remix was going to be on Diplo's mixed CD?

Dave: I was sitting in the cut yo, with some fiiine hunnies, you know?

Keith: I was told by a friend of ours named Gingy, he's a producer from Toronto as well. Super stoked!

Do you know if Rihanna likes your remix? What about Jay-Z?

Dave: Who's Jay-Z?

Keith: That was our first Cease and Desist!! We have it framed above our Ensoniq DP4 Parallel Effects Processor.

Your "UH-OH!" track features a Beyonce sample. Any feedback from Beyonce or her label?

Dave: Uh, well, we're being sued by a couple people. They might be one of them.

Keith: Basically what Dave said.

What was your most memorable DJ set of 2007?

Dave: Vancouver was fun. Our friends from Toronto flew and trained it across Canada to party for one night. Also, the people in Vancouver really know how to party proper.

Keith: I have to agree that Vancouver was super fun. But I'd have to put Atlanta or Toronto in close second. Toronto really knows how to party the fuck out - especially in the winter of all times!

Atlanta was retarded, there's a place out there called MJQ where you get totally fucked off cheap booze all night in an underground parking lot club (wow). We played a joint called Decatur Social Club, which is located just outside Atlanta and serves till 4am? Yes. 4am. People were punching holes in the walls and riding each other's shoulders when we dropped this crazy track that has yet to be named.

What was the worst thing that happened to you guys at a gig this year?

Dave: It's all good times!! Spilling booze all over equipment, you know!!

Your name has changed a couple times this year. Why has it changed so much and what is your official name now?

Dave: No comment. Keith?

Keith: We don't really like getting into the whole thing. Let me just say that "Vandalism" is from Australia, and VNDLSM will not be our official name on the EP or Single. It is something new and massive. Be warned.

What do you like best about living in Toronto?

Dave: The LCBO.

Keith: The Beer Store.

What do you like least about living in Toronto?

Dave: The weather.

Keith: The crack hoes (but I secretly love the crack hoes).

What is your preferred method of transportation in the city?

Dave: Horseback.

Keith: Dave's back.

How does our local indie dance scene compare to other cities you've played this year?

Dave: Toronto knows how to party.

Keith: Toronto is super rad, our underground producers are on the next tip, always. We have tunes of new venues opening up which I'm sure will compare to some of the joints in L.A and NYC. L.A really is on the heavy grime shit! really dope!

What can we expect from your set at CiRCA on Dec 28?

Dave: Party time.

Keith: You'll see Dave partying. It's a great sight!

When are you planning an official release?

Dave: When its done! We're putting out a single and 2 B-Sides before the EP. You know, test the waters and shit.

Keith: We're working on the label, a Beatport release for the single. Hit a little lawsuit for our name (VNDLSM) - It's going to be a big change, but you're going to be ready for it.

Randomland: Tropical Holiday
Jake Fairley (Live), VNDLSM, A.D/D., Vitamsforyou, The Carps (Live)
Friday, December 28
126 John Street
$10 before 11pm/$15 after

Photo: VNDLSM Myspace page.

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