Klaxon, Klaxoff

The Klaxons are Cannibals

I was scheduled to interview UK nu-rave super group The Klaxons yesterday at 5:15 at a downtown pub, as they were in town at The Opera House yesterday for what was no doubt a tubular concert.

Do you remember what Toronto looked like yesterday around that time? It was raining in gallons, not drops, and silly me decided to bike into work that day. Needless to say (but I will anyways, thwap!) I wasn't liking the idea of waiting for the rain to fall down harder as I still had to go to the local Catholic school and make sure the Conservatives didn't come into power.

5:15 rolls around and The Klaxons are nowhere to be seen. A couple of other people there to interview them had been waiting even longer, and were slotted earlier than me. Sticking around hoping for them to arrive sometime before midnight wasn't an appetizing idea, so I went home, got drenched (narrowly keeping some expensive photo and recording gear from shorting out in the process of my 35 minute ride home) and decided that I would interview the band in a different way.

My interview with The Klaxons lyrics lies after the fold.

BlogTO: So you guys recently won a couple of awards for your first major album effort. Does it feel weird to be getting showered with so much praise and attention so early on in your careers?
Klaxons: Submissions in outer regions pleased. Light the bridges with the lantern, you know something's going to happen.

BlogTO: Indeed. Perhaps it's been the incessant touring and word of mouth build up that's been so effective?
Klaxons: From gravity's rainbow the axis is still unknown.

BlogTO: K... that's an obscure way of putting it, but then again you guys are known to have lyrics that tread the realm of magic-realism.
Klaxons: Those crippled lines that I can't get to... I'll always be there. Magic, without tears.

BlogTO: For sure. Well, you guys picked a crantastic day to play in Toronto; it's piss pouring rain outside. Feel a bit like being in your home town (London)?
Klaxons: Row! There's only seven more miles to go!

BlogTO: Umm, it's raining hard but it isn't exactly a flash flood or anything outside.
Klaxons: We'll reach the isle of Her, we'll find the peacock's tail, we'll steal the mother of pearl, we'll eat the dancing girls.

BlogTO: Are you guys saying that you both condone theft and cannibalism?
Klaxons: That is my name, that is my name.

BlogTO: The name of the game, I suppose. Moving away from cannibalism, why the name Klaxons? I understand it's a reference to air raid sirens.
Klaxons: Klaxons not centaurs!

BlogTO: Why not?
Klaxons: Theres a half-man, half-horse, who still runs through my thoughts as he rides on a flame in the sky, he comes through the centuries with me on his engines. The kids and the cats watch him fly, please catch that half horse as he murders my thoughts with the fragments of flames anyway, half-man, half-horse as he rides on a flame in the sky

BlogTO: Man, what an asshole. And to think I'd originally thought that your name was a reference to two mediocre, at best, video games. Speaking of which, have you guys ever played Klax or Zaxxon?
Klaxons: A hall of records, or numbers, or spaces still undone. Ruins, or relics, disciples and the young.

BlogTO: Yeah, the games are pretty old, back in the days where high scores ruled and "live achievements" were but a twinkle in Gates' eye. Umm, what are you guys looking at behind me...
Klaxons: Monster coming!

BlogTO: (I turn around and see a waitress) Dude, that's distinctly cruel! She's actually pretty cute...
Klaxons: Margaret my girl, standing on air

BlogTO: Ohhhhh, you guys have a history I s'pose. Anything you wanna warn our readers about her?
Klaxons: I'll live for you, I'll die for you, do what you want me to, I'll cry for you. My tears will show that I can't let you go. It's not over yet. You still want me, don't you?

BlogTO: So she definitely wasn't just a groupie to the lot of you.
Klaxons: We sailed from sense, brought all our young. We sailed from where we once begun.

BlogTO: Hope that works out for you. Did you get to take in any of the sights and sounds of of Toronto?
Klaxons: At club 18-30 I met Julius Caesar, Lady Diana and Mother Theresa.

BlogTO: Either Halloween came early, or you guys are really high at the moment.
Klaxons: Cerebellum sitting on the totem time line.

BlogTO: High it is. We gotta wrap things up here as it looks like MTV is getting antsy to take their turn. Any last words to your loving fans in the great city of Toronto?
Klaxons: From Atlantis to Interzone, you start at the end and you end on your own.

Words to live by.

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