Pop Montreal 2007: Troiseme Nuit

Pop Montreal 2007: Troisieme Nuit

The third night of Pop Montreal wasn't one to boast about. Unless you were dying to see Patti Smith and Patrick Wolf, everything else was just there for general entertainment. A Friday night in Montreal on Saint-Laurent is a bustling one, especially when more-than-half of the street has been torn to pieces by never-ending construction. Regardless, I took Friday night as it came.

Stemming from their performance from the night-before, We're Marching On had one more show at Preloved, a clothing store on Saint-:Laurent. Playing in the dark is always fun, and a packed room with free beer is even better. It's always good to see a band win over new fans, and this happened in a fair portion last night as new listeners purchased copies of the band's debut EP.

One Heart Many Hands

Continuing the night was One Heart Many Hands, a solo side-project of We're Marching On. Playing with a drum kit, a guitar and a loop pedal, One Heart Many Hands makes simple layers sound relaxing and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the set was plagued by technical problems (stand kept falling, loop pedal kept pausing/muting, etc.).

The Luyas

The Luyas were playing their 2nd show of the festival at O Patro Vys. The band is led by local Montrealler (but formerly Torontonian for a short while) Jesse Stein and is backed by Stefan Schneider (Bell Orchestre) and Pietro Amato (Torngat). More of an upgraded sound from Stein's previous days with The S.S. Cardiacs, the droning sounds of Pietro's French Horn (with loops and such) cause for a different wave of feel. Schneider's drumming can't be compared to many as his style is unique and enjoyable. The band has released a record, and it does sound nifty. Try'em.

The Zoobombs

All this time, people have been telling me to see The Zoobombs because when they're gone, they're gone for the year and I'll have to wait. Well, I made up my mind and yeah yeah yeah I saw them. GOOD TIMES. The lead guy loves to rock out! Their drummer would run around and drum if he could, but he looked so cramped at the back. Oh! And the banter/singing to the audience was 50's Soul/Funk-esque at times. None of it was boring or lame! Talk about a fun, fun band. Just that I didn't know what they're saying....at all. But fun!!!

Tonight's the last night for me, people. I'm definitely seeing Think About Life (twice) and Sunset Rubdown. Others? We'll see. I've had a blast. Oh yes, I have.

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