Call & Response: The Ghost Is Dancing

Call & Response: The Ghost Is Dancing

Happy Halloween Toronto!

For this spooky edition of Call & Response, I decided to see what my friends The Ghost is Dancing were up to. Since releasing their debut full-length The Darkest Spark on Sonic Unyon Records they have toured all across Canada, spreading that special, eight-to-ten-piece indie pop love at every stop.

It turns out that they're headlining the perfect indie rock Halloween show tonight at Sneaky Dee's. How did they manage to throw together a free show with 5 "ghost" bands on the bill? Well, I didn't ask them that question but we did talk about a bunch of other fun stuff.

Keep reading for the complete interview.

blogTO: How would you describe your band using only one word?

Kevin Corlis: Ghost
Gabie Nadeau: Friends
Jamie Matechuk: Soidisant
Lesley Davies: Epic

If you just used an adjective to describe your band, now use a noun (or vice versa).

Kevin: Dancing
Gabie: Unique
Jamie: Bonhomous
Lesley: Energy

What do you like best about living in Toronto?

Kevin: Definitely the music scene, it's huge and diverse. Oh, and 24-hour grocery stores.

Gabie: Endless possibilities.

Jamie: Can't name one, but a few random things: Harbord and Spadina at sunset, watching Annie Hall at the Revue, New Ho King.

You've toured out East and out West since your record came out. Which coast do you prefer?

Kevin: So far I'm going to go with the West coast, I really loved the scenery out there. But we didn't really get to see alot of the East Coast yet, so I feel like I'm being a little biased.

Lesley: I'm biased as I only went on the East Coast tour but the people in the East sure knew how to show us an amazing time.

You like to dress up for your shows and you have the word ghost in your band name. Are you the ideal Halloween band?

Kevin: Hmm, yes I suppose we would be. That makes alot more sense then what I had originally thought, the ideal Valentines band.

Gabie: I just think that Halloween is the one day in the year where what we do makes sense for the rest of the world.

Lesley: Halloween is my favourite day of the year and being in a band like this helps make my favourite day happen more than once in a year. Oh, I guess my answer is yes.

How many Halloween shows have you played?

Kevin: I don't think we've really played that many, perhaps we're not achieving our true potential.

Gabie:I think it's the first one.

Lesley: This is definitely my first Halloween show with the band.

Do you write "Halloween" or "Hallowe'en"?

Kevin: I write things the way Google tells me too. He says Halloween is correct.

Gabie: Halloween, but I'm French, I could be wrong.

Lesley: Halloween is my preference.

What scares you the most?

Kevin: I actually have a strange fear of losing things. There was never a monster under my bed, it was always more like "where's my slipper?"

Lesley: I have an unhealthy fear of zombies.

Gabie: A world without chocolate.

I don't have a costume yet for Halloween. What should I dress up as for your show?

Kevin: I had this great idea before we settled on a Super Mario theme. Get yourself a white shirt, hat and pair of pants. Then outline them with a black marker. Ta da, you're a bad drawing.

Gabie: A Mario Bros character.

Lesley: Could you dress up as Toad please? No one wanted to. It should be an easy costume, just wear white pants, a red vest and put some red dots on a baseball cap (or other hat-like device you put on your head).

What's next for the band?

Kevin: Working on the next album right now, we hope to have it done in time to tour with it sometime in the spring.

The Ghost is Dancing
w/ Proof Of Ghosts, Ghostlight, Ghosthands and Ghost Television
Tonight at Sneaky Dee's, doors at 9pm
FREE with costume

Call & Response is a weekly series of Q&A's with bands from or playing in Toronto. Photo by The Ghost is Dancing

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