Call & Response: Everything All The Time

Do you like The Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie? Do you like a band that uses lots of keyboards? Are you sad that summer is over?

Even if you didn't answer "yes" to any of these questions, you'll still want to check out Toronto's own Everything All The Time. Featuring a small army of keyboards and synthesizers, this local five-piece are ready to re-introduce themselves to us this Saturday at the Horseshoe.

I spoke with head EATTer Joseph Shabason about their new beginning, their upcoming record, and about musical hurricanes.

Keep reading for the complete interview.

blogTO: What was the inspiration for your band name?

Joseph Shabason: The band used to be called Joseph and The Shabatones but I decided that we had to change it because it was essentially a joke from grade nine. Everything All The Time was an expression that my friend's boss used to use when thanking people. He would always say "thanks for everything all the time." We all thought that it was a hilarious expression and have been using it for years. When it came time to rename the band Everything All The Time seemed to really fit with the vibe of the music so the name stuck.

How would you describe your sound? Has it changed since you first started this band?

The band started last summer with a few different lineups, but after about a month it settled into a core group of Joseph Shabason, Kieran Adams, Robbie Grunwald and Jeremy Little. We used to have a different female singer, Audrey Bankley, but she left the band at the beginning of this summer so we now have an amazing and talented new singer named Mary Cobham.

The sound of the band is quite eclectic. We play everything from really spacey moody ballads to up-tempo pop music. The one thing that is pretty consistent is that the band's sound is very synth-heavy. We use a lot of synthesizers and no guitars.

How long has it been since you last played a show?

It's been six months since we played last.

What did you all do this summer?

We have been writing and rehearsing all summer as well as recording a new album, so we are really excited to play on the 22nd and show people our new songs. Besides Everything All The Time we all play in different side projects. I have been playing and touring with Jewish Legend; Robbie has been finishing his PhD as well as playing with Andrew Rodriguez; Kieran has been touring with Sarah Harmer and Jeremy has been playing with Andrew Rodriguez as well. Between all of our busy schedules it has been hard to find as much time as we would like to devote to the band, but in the last month we have really kicked it up a notch.

Is everyone in the band from Toronto? What are your favourite things about our city?

Three members are from Toronto, our drummer is from Newfoundland, and Mary is from Victoria via Halifax. I can't speak for everyone, but my favourite part of Toronto is how much is going on all the time culturally (and that includes New Generation Sushi). I also love how the musicians' community is so friendly and tight knit. It's hard to bike down the street and not see a friend or acquaintance.

What can people expect at the Horseshoe this Saturday night?

A musical hurricane.

When is your first record coming out? Any details about that?

Our first record (God willing) will be out by December. We are just finishing up the overdubs and need to mix and master it, so once that is done we will be good to go. I can't really give too many details except that every song is a hit.

What's next for the band?

Playing as much as we can and writing all the time.

with Everything All The Time, Fighter/Lover, The Love Machine
Saturday, September 22, 9pm
The Horseshoe
$8 cover

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