Basia Bulat and Torngat

Basia Bulat, Torngat @ The Music Gallery

The Music Gallery will host two shows this week, featuring artists hailing from Montreal and London, Ontario. Friday night will be the cd release party for Montreal's Torngat. Saturday night will be another cd release party for recently-signed Rough Trade and Hardwood Record performer, Basia Bulat. Both acts have one thing in common: they are both perfectly suited for The Music Gallery.


Torngat are the fantastic trio of band music/electronic musicians who combine their talents of composition and ambient sound to create a colorful and enjoyable show. Torngat are celebrating the release of their new cd titled 'You Could Be'. Asking French Horn player Pietro Amato had told me that him and his band mates had spent time in the wilderness and seclusion of Northern Quebec, writing and recording for over a month together. Coming back into society (roughly a year ago from now), they were bearded and showing that they had been away for quite a while. Amato was proud of the outcome and hopes to demonstrate his band's ability to work within the musical soul. The Music Gallery definitely welcomes them to perform along with Folk/Blues band Timber Timbre and Double Suicide.

To recap:
Who: Torngat (CD Release Party) / Timber Timbre / Double Suicide
When: Friday, September 21st @ 8.30pm SHARP (when music begins)
Where: The Music Gallery (197 John Street)
How Much: Tickets are $10 (advance at Rotate This and Soundscapes) and $12 at the door.

Basia Bulat

I saw Basia Bulat perform at The Comfort Zone well-over a year ago. Local promoter Dan Burke had mentioned her to me and I had a listen to a demo song she had done which I could not let go of. So many months later, she has a finished record, a great band supporting her, a completed tour through parts of Europe, and now, a cd release party for Canada. The record 'Oh, My Darling' is pop and folk combined at its best. Bulat's voice is definitely the most distinctive of all of the traits from the record. There is a soothe and a shakiness to the vocals that move you quickly and comfortably through out the record. Oh yeah. Look out for a track on the record called 'Birds of Paradise'. I'll leave you to it, then.

Anywho, Saturday evening will host two shows with the same bill. The ever-so talented Basia Bulat and her talented band of people who play instruments are releasing their debut cd and want to celebrate it with TWO shows at The Music Gallery. The first of the two shows begins around 6pm when Wayne Petti (of Cuff The Duke) performs. 7pm will be the time when Basia Bulat and her band perform. The second of two shows will begin around 9pm and then 10pm with Wayne Petti and Basia Bulat, respectively.

To recap:
Who: Basia Bulat (CD Release Party) / Wayne Petti
When: Saturday, September 22nd @ 6pm / 9pm
Where: The Music Gallery (197 John Street)
How Much: Tickets are $10.50 (advance at Rotate This, Ticketmaster and The Horseshoe).

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