Casual Sex Without the Risks

The story behind the decision to name Modernboys Moderngirls monthly party 'Casual Sex' is a fairly simple according to singer/guitarist Akira Alemany.

"I was just talking out loud to (drummer) Brett (Millius) and saying I'd love to put on a party, maybe call it Casual Sex and Brett's like 'do that!'" Alemany said over drinks on the patio of a Kensington Market bar.

The title is fitting as anyone who has seen MBMG's incendiary live shows can attest.

The reason for organizing the party stemmed from their frustration at the lack of cohesion at some of the gigs they played where they would often be on the same bill as acts that were their complete opposites.

"(We thought) wouldn't it be amazing if you went to see and you could go for the whole night, it wouldn't just be random bands thrown together, where we felt not involved in the community at all and we wanted to get to know the bands, get to know the DJs, get to know the Toronto music scene so we thought, why not put on our own party?" Alemany explained.

Millius added that the band wanted to throw parties that they wanted to go to with bands and DJs playing music they wanted to hear. Getting other bands that they wanted to play with involved was an added bonus.

The line-up for this month's party at The Boat on August 3rd features Foxfire Forest and Eden Ants. DJ Shit Le Merde will also be spinning tunes.

The Boat has hosted CS in the past and it has also been the site of some of their most memorable gigs.

MBMG have certainly come a long way in the two short years they have been together when it was just Alemany and keyboard player/vocalist Aimee Mazzuca. Not content to remain an acoustic duo, they started to audition drummers when they hooked up with Millius, who was "one of the most musical drummers we had ever come across" according to Alemany.

From there, they brought in bassist Marc Delparte, who's no longer with the band, and put out the Edge Of My Blade EP last fall.

Even though they've been together for close to two years, Alemany said that band's first official anniversary will come this fall when CS celebrates its' first anniversary.

"I think really the real band anniversary would be this fall," he said. "When we started working on brand new material and then we started to thinking about putting together an album this winter, we started recording it this summer and then that sense of speed, the speed of the second year is completely different."

Their as yet untitled forthcoming debut full-length is due to hit shelves this fall and they are taking a DIY approach, though they have been working with engineer Neil McDonald. While most bands consider working on an album to be an intense and exhaustive experience, this hasn't been the case for MBMG.

"I think every band I've ever talked to (about making a record), you ask them how the record's going, they're like; 'Man, I don't know! It's rough you know?'" he said, adopting a tired sounding voice. "And this is the first time for us to have a really enjoyable experience recording our record and it feels really cohesive and ready at the same time had the degree of spontaneity you want in record. We're really happy because it's the first record that we feel is actually going to represent us really well," Alemany said, adding; "It cures children!"

Not signing with a label, indie or major, and there has been interest, also helped them to make the record they wanted. Alemany felt that one of the things that makes the band original is they're into making records developing themselves, not having someone from a label make those decisions for them.

"No one is telling us what to do, no one is telling us what song to cut, how to edit this or that, we're making the record we want to make and whoever wants to help us get it out," he said. "We want that, because we want to get it out but the worst situation we're going to be in is we made the record we wanted to make and we're really happy with it and that's not bad."

Casual Sex @ The Boat
Featuring Modernboys Moderngirls, Eden Ants and Foxfire Forest with DJ Shit Le Merde
Friday August 3rd, 9:30 pm
$6 at the door.

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