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Call & Response: Bang Lime

I am really excited about posting this one folks. Metric is one of my favourite bands. I love them and I know I'm not alone. They are one of Toronto's top musical exports.

According to their official bio, Bang Lime "is a project about art and experimentation,
parameters and freedom, noise and musicality, and love and respect". It is the new side project of Metric's Joshua Winstead and Joules Scott-Key.

Josh and Joules have been playing music together since their college days back in Texas. They moved to New York City to hook up with like-minded musicians and it was there that they joined forces with Emily Haines and James Shaw to form Metric.

Bang Lime's debut record is called Best Friends In Love (out now on Toronto-based Last Gang Records). It was self-produced in Oakland, where Josh and Joules live.

Their Toronto (and Canadian) debut is this Friday at Lee's Palace. I had the pleasure of exchanging words with Josh from the road in the US.

Keep reading for the complete interview.

blogTO: How is the US tour going so far?

Joshua Winstead: Fantastic. Everybody has been completely supportive of our sideshow punk project. It is funny how everybody is completely skeptical of it at the beginning but then it's all "hey man, I really like what you guys are doing, and I was ready to hate it but wow."

You guys have been playing together for a long time. What bands have you played in? What's the best adventure you guys have had together?

Longer than you've been out of diapers. Too many bands to mention but the main one is Metric, which I am sure you have never heard of.

Joules and I keep having to save people while on the road. In Oakland we helped move a car off of train tracks while an oncoming train was speeding down upon us. Last night in NYC we saved a man who had fallen asleep in the street in Manhattan (fallen asleep or was a crack head - who knows).

Where does the name Bang Lime come from?

Amsterdam party sessions.

How did this side project come about?

We felt the need.......the need for speed.

Why is your record called Best Friends In Love?

We are almost legally married in Canada so we are trying to get free health care. We thought it might convince your officials that we are legit.

After making two records with Metric, what was it like making this record on your own?

Ghetto Fabulous.

You are both members of one of Toronto's most beloved rock bands but you are both American. What's it like having a home base so far away from your home?

It is actually really nice, we get to have two pseudo homes and lots of great friends in both places, although the commute is a bitch.

You spend a lot of time here. What are your favourite things about Toronto?

Well, not the winters. Seeing Justin on Queen Street is a high. Really it is actually all of the great people we get to hang out with. So many true friends. BFIL.

What can we expect from your Toronto debut this Friday night at Lee's Palace?

Stomp rock hard soul, bloody knuckles and a dance party. And a serious drum clinic.

Is there anything else Toronto should know about Bang Lime?

We don't have anything contagious.

Call & Response is a weekly series of Q&A's with bands/artists from or playing in Toronto. Photo by Ken Kavanagh.

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