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There's a saying, one that I don't fully remember. It goes something like "-Insert whatever- is good for the soul". That's hippy bull crap. Nothing is good for your soul. Not even adopting a starving child from a 3rd world country.

There are a few things you can do and take that are good for your mental and well-being, however. Vitamins are just such a thing, and Vitaminsforyou is most defininitely good for you. The low cost of admission sure doesn't hurt either.

Vitaminsforyou Myspace page

2 parts electronic, parts pop, and 1 part slow acid induced hallucination, Vitaminsforyou will get you swaying side to side with a pleasant smile on your face.

Vitaminsforyou has 4 tracks on his Myspace page, none of which are available for immediate download, but all of which are worth a few listens during the daily grind. You know, that time where you should be working but you're to busy Youtubing videos of cats attacking small children.

Speaking of which...The first two tracks, The Ukrainians and Nothing Ever is, have more in common with those psychadelic wonder musings of pop and rock songs of the 70s than they do with the music of today. Long sweeping chords, breathy vocalizing, and light percussion with enough reverb to feed feed a moderate sized family of bullfrogs. Ya, you know the reverb I'm talking about. Vitaminsforyou makes his music last, longer than your standard pop song fo'shizz. It's fun the whole time, though.

He starts mix things up once he gets to Six O'Clock Whisper. This is where you start to hear the electro-pop influences of troupes like Lali Puna ("Faking the Books" specifically), mixing in those formerly standard synth sounds of poser movie soundtracks like Hackers. I haven't heard those synths for years, nad it brought back fond memories of highschool... or it would if I had any fond memories to recall.

But don't forget the star of the hour, Wishing I lived Near Water. Why is it the star? Because this is the song getting its video release tomorrow night, and it's the reason for the celebration. Vitaminsforyou is having the video release party for Wishing I Lived Near Water at the Drake. Significantly faster, but equally peppy, you just get the feeling that the video is going to be so sugary that it will counteract the effectiveness of all those vitamin supplements you've been throwing back.

But you won't notice; you'll be too busy shakin' it up on the dancefloor.

Vitaminsforyou Video Release Party at 8pm
The Drake Underground
1150 Queen W
416 531 5042
Cost: $5

Early bird gets the worm.

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