A/V Death Match Leads Off Pink Mafia Party Pack

The hedonistic abandon with which Pink Mafia spanks the local party scene can't be contained. Not into musical genres -- they'll mix it up with hip-hop, house, indie rock and Tommy Lee on the decks -- nor within one, two, or even three events this week. The team -- bio in brief: "we're really just in it for the primo tail, a bar tab and what a little guest list can get you" -- starts this headlong-into-spring(-we-hope) weekend with the long-anticipated debut of the A/V Death Match tonight at the Drake Hotel. The other Pink Mafia events are not to be missed, from iPod mania to the kickoff of a new Sunday night raunchfest, but since the video mixing showdown takes place tonight, let's start there.

The A/V Battle comes in three scheduled installments (through June). Visual stylist extraordinaire Jackie Brown, the event's organizer along with Pink Mafia's promoter assist, explains the contest this way:

"The events are competition-based, and involve both audio and video components. Each night will consist of digital DJ battles, laptop producer battles and VJ battles." Each round will consist of two contestants in a six-minute back-and-forth (one minute per turn per contestant) battle of video content Brown will provide based on a monthly theme; contestants must integrate some or all, manipulating and remixing it as they see fit, with original content encouraged and even necessary. "The object is to be as original and interesting as possible while attempting a sort of one-upmanship in friendly competition. At the end of the six minute round, a panel of impartial judges will decide who has won, based on originality, creative use of the provided video material, technical skill, and all-around aesthetic impact."

This time out, as Pink Mafia Don Anna Von Frances reports (recently featured in NOW Magazine's My Style): "Famous Players are DJing the in between booze fest and the 'celebrity judges' are: Trevor (MuchMusic), Mario J (AD/D) and Ben Boles (NOW)."

No pornographic or violent content is allowed. The video content Brown's providing is available for pickup at Moog Audio (442 Queen St. W), which is sponsoring some of the event's three thousand dollars in prizes. Gear available to contestants includes "the use of a preview monitor and Edirol V-4 Mixer." See this link for all contest details. The April launch of A/V Death Match is free, starts at 10PM and runs until 2AM at the Drake Hotel Underground, Wednesday April 18.

As for Pink Mafia's other events this weekend:

iPod Battle 3, ahem, goes down on Friday night at pole-dance and strip aerobics education mecca Aradia Fitness (721 Queen West location). Von Frances beckons all comers with this: "in the spirit of the pole, the instructors at Aradia are doing pole-dancing demos in between semi-finals and championship battles." Eight teams including defending champs Footwork and Cirque Du So Gay will square off iPod to iPod in a "boxing style ring where one team chooses a song and gets 60-90 seconds of play before the referee switches to the second team's song," Pink Mafia's mailer explains. "Each battle consists of five songs per team. The team that the crowd likes the most is moved on to the next round by the referee. The key to the battle is eclectic taste in music and a lot of friends to cheer you on." Prizes: gear from Moog Audio as well as $200 cash, Amsterdam beer and Gelaskins iPod skins.

Von Frances' "Fact File" on the iPod says that while "The iPod Battles in Paris are something of legend", with "sweaty, sold out action" also heating up in Montreal and Ottawa, the event hasn't caught on the same way here: "In Toronto, they're just another thing no one "gets" until they find out someone famous is into it. For more info go to: www.myspace.com/ipodbattle (France), www.myspace.com/ipodbattlemtl (Montreal), www.myspace.com/organisedsound (Ottawa), and www.myspace.com/iopdbattleto (Toronto)." $6, starts at 10PM.

And those two tech-party faceoffs are just halfway there. Saturday night's Lust For Kicks mayhem at 751 (Queen West) offers "the best place to get faced on a Saturday in town. No 905 tourists. No ego. No bullshit. $10 pitchers till midnight." $5

Finally, for those like the Mafiosos still raging through till Sunday night, Thunderpussy is a new weekly event with fine feisty females in mind. Speaking of which, take it away, Anna: "Thunderpussy is the new lady night in town. Ladies first for giveaways, contests and a back room that's ladies only till 1am. We even have a photo booth and...wait for it...a glass disco dance floor that lights up. 2 DJs, No Cover. Nothing but net."Sundays April 22 and 29 at theBovine Sex Club, 542 Queen Street West.

Not ready for Pink Mafia? Oh well. "We are an army of girls, who hate being talked down to, but find that is still happens a lot. Luckily we don't care, because we beat you like knee socks beat cleavage."

I'm sorry, I missed that last part as I was staring at your Pink Mafia-stamped cleavage.

Image courtesy of Pink Mafia

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