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I have been waiting so long to put these guys into a Theirspace preview. In fact, these guys are the reason that I pitched the idea of "Theirspace" to the BlogTO big boss to begin with. I figured, "Hey, I need to know what's gonna be playing soon and I also wanna know what the guys sound like before dropping some coin." I managed to catch a show by these guys a few months ago at Sneaky Dee's by pure chance, and it was easily one of the most enjoyable electroclash shows I've ever been to.

The guys in question are Put the Rifle Down, and they're playing at The Boat tomorrow, March 9th for a measly $8.

- PTRD's Myspace page

A lot of electro acts are all vinyl and little live performance. PTRD, while I'm sure have a few tracks triggered by midi, put on a full on live show. There's a real live drummer hitting the hi-hat at the show! And the overall energy output that's visible on stage is quite infectious; you will have a bitch of a time holding still.

With that, It's time for the Myspace track recap. Cue le awesome...

My Industrial Park leads off this stellar Myspace track list. We get a brooding evil synth followed by some deep bassy synth grooving along with the thick kick drum. There's a lot of synth, lawl. I find the chorus really damn uplifting, for some reason. "Right from the start / My industrial park". I have no clue what they're talking about, but I really wanna visit their park. This track has been my personal Myspace track for some time now...

Hot Video starts with a distinctly quicker beat and happier melody. The synth tracks and vocal tracks increase more and more up to the choruses, and somehow things stay clean and free of mud. Whoever mixed and mastered PTRD's Myspace tracks deserves a shiny fricking medal.

Architekt is like a mix of the previous two songs; slower tempo, with happy trimmings. The bubbly synth that keeps tune with the vocals is just so damn pretty. Architekt comes off sounding so nice that it melts my ears.

Homecoming is a remix for a UK band called Teenagers. Mayhaps I've been spoiled by the previous three tunes, but PTRD's music combined with Teenagers' vocals just sounds like it's in sore need of PTRD's vocals to boost the track up into the realm of awesome. There's an interesting little breakdown of sorts that's Jeffree Star inspired; some girl talking about some really, really hot guy. The girl really loves English dudes, while the dude really loves American girls. It's cute, but deserving of its number 4 spot on the playlist.

At the Sneaky Dee's show, I was really tankered. Half a bottle of vodka will do that to you. But, dammit, they threw a tambourine into the crowd and they did a fracking AWESOME cover of Madonna's "Hung Up" which they managed to go into seamlessly from the previous song.

In all seriousness, go to this damn show. $8 will buy you happiness.

Put the Rifle down at The Boat, March 9, 2007

158 Augusta Ave,
With Sailboats are White, Dandi Wind, Paul Devro, and Diableros
Cost: $8

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