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More often than not when I'm at a club and I hear the general filler that a DJ is playing before the main set starts, I tend to think "m'eh." And for good reason; it's filler. Every now and then, though, I hear some really good filler, and short of interrupting the spinner's groove, I never know nor find out what it is I'm listening to as there's often no vocal track that I can google later on.

And then I sometimes luck out when myspacing bands from Beth's awesome monthly listing. Opopo are one of those groups that I think I'll never find. They're playing a show tomorrow at the Drake Underground, and not just any show, but a The Stooges album launch of all things.

- Opopo's Myspace page, also known as

The Stooges are releasing their first album in, what is it, 30+ years? And Opopo along with Montreal Electro-Fucking-Star DJ Frigid are heading a launch party for it? Bizarre is the awesome word of the day folks. And wouldn't you know it, they also have this bad ass MINIMALIST flash game reminiscent of Robotron, only minimalier! Here comes a myspace track recap.

How does one describe minimalist electro filler? Minimally, is the answer.

Tonique opens up with simple claps and a dirty flarkin' synth put this track instantly into the realm of fisting electro. Very minimalist sound as there's little in the way of filler. Simple drums, no more than three channels of hard-ass synth. It's repetitive, but it's also the point.

Stemsell, aside from having an awesome name for a track, also shares the awesome that Tonique had. It finds its beat, and it sticks to it for a few minutes. Good stuff.

Dumi is considerably different from the previous two tracks. A quicker beat, and vocalization are notable standouts, and we can see Opopo flexing some melodic muscle. And hey, look at that, they're letting you download the track as well!

And the shortest recap in Theirspace's short history comes to an end! Be sure to play the awesome flash game while you listen. It's accompanied by an ideal sound track, after all.

Opopo with DJ Frigid in "Calling All Dandys"
The Stooges launch party at The Drake Underground on March 31, 2007
1150 Queen St W
$8 Advance at Rotate This and Soundscapes, $10 at the door

Tune in again next Thursday when I'll hopefully be posting Theirspace on its proper date and time, unless I plum forget, again.

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