Wavelength 350 Anniversary

Wavelength 350 Anniversary

Wavelength 350, as previously mentioned, is the mid-February classic and functions like a mini-festival. Bands of all genres are carefully chosen (or sometimes chosen in a care-free nature) to blast out the sounds of tomorrow for those who are willing to accept their new musical fate.

Let's talk bands, shall we? Who's playing? No! Better yet, let me put it into a scheduled format for you.

Thursday February 8 @ The Music Gallery, 197 John St. -- doors 6:30pm

Wyrd Visions - 10:30pm
Laura Barrett - 9:45pm
Double Suicide - 9pm
+ second annual Wavelength panel discussion -- 7pm (for more information, read below this schedule)

Friday February 9 @ The Horseshoe Tavern, 370 Queen W. -- doors 9pm

Fucked Up -- 12:15am
Skunt -- 11:30pm
Etaoin Shrdlu -- 10:45pm
Rozasia - 10pm
+ DJ Barbi

Saturday February 10 @ Salem's Loft, 136 Geary Ave. (enter through side door off Salem St.) -- doors 10pm

Think About Life -- 1:15am
The Guest Bedroom -- 12:30am
AnimalMonster -- 11:45pm
Drumheller -- 11pm
The Winks -- 10:15pm
+ DJ Goin' Steady

Sunday February 11 @ Sneaky Dee's, 431 College St. -- doors 9pm

Lullabye Arkestra -- 12:15am
Garbage! Violence! Enthusiasm! -- 11:30pm
More Or Les -- 10:45pm
I Have Eaten The City -- 10pm
+ DJ Craig Dunsmuir

Panel Discussion - Diversity: Our Strength?
At the panel discussion for the launch of Coach House Books' The State of the Arts: Living with Culture in Toronto (uTOpia vol. II), moderator Misha Glouberman made a provocative suggestion regarding Toronto's cultural identity. He suggested that the two things that people are most excited about when they talk about Toronto - our multiculturalism and our vibrant arts scene -- rarely cross over, at least in public perception. Indeed, the independent arts community of which Wavelength is a part, is primarily composed of white downtowners. There are other arts and cultural scenes in the city we're barely aware of. Why are we "indie kids" unwilling or unable to engage in a dialogue with the rest of the city?

Rather than debate this question or point fingers, at this panel we seek proactive solutions, and posit that an intercultural exchange between communities may not only strengthen Toronto's social fabric, but may also result in some exciting and uniquely Torontonian art. How can we work to make this happen?

The Panelists:
David Dacks (CIUT, Exclaim)
Jonny Dovercourt (Wavelength, Music Gallery)
Rosina Kazi (LAL)
More Or Les (hip-hop MC)
Sara Saljoughi (Fig Records)
with moderator Misha Glouberman (Trampoline Hall)

+ Special Wavelength Anniversary Zine/Program Guide
featuring: band interviews, feature articles, columns, comics, Top 4-T, and more!

Recommended artists to see: Laura Barrett, Etaoin Shrdlu, THINK ABOUT LIFE, The Winks, Garbage! Violence! Enthusiasum! & anyone else you deem fun and enjoyable!

All events are PAY WHAT YOU CAN. This will be a solid weekend of music and I encourage everyone who enjoys indie music to check out as many of the shows listed as possible. The Wavelength Anniversary has stood out as having a fantastic reputation for being a good time.

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