Q & A with Josh Reichmann of Jewish Legend

Mindi: I know that you started a new band since the Tangiers named Jewish Legend, but can you tell us what makes Jewish Legend so different from Tangiers music-wise?

Josh Reichmann: Tangiers is a rock band - always was A.A. true rock band. We covered a semi-large spectrum of feelings within the rock paradigm, but still rock. Jewish Legend sounds like the wind, like the sad, like the joy of re-birth, like honesty, like pomp, like flutes, thumping organ, and the body conscious rhythm of the saints. Or less straight forward but more open.

Mindi: Are the Tangiers completely over and out or will there ever be a reunion?

Josh Reichmann: Tangiers may live again. James is becoming a lawyer and I'm becoming a shaman- the combo could be a spectacle at least.

Mindi: Can you please tell me where the name "Jewish legend" came from? It is very smart and appealing because there has been past legends in historical life who just happen to be Jewish. Is there any connection?

Josh Reichmann: Jewish Legend - the term - [is a connotation] of great swathes of history and the myth of persona, the impassioned strength of conviction and the problematic pain of the privileged under-dog. I relate to the idea, how ever fanciful.

Mindi: When and where is your next show?

Josh Reichmann: January 24th at Hamilton Casbah Lounge and January 26th at Silver Dollar!

Mindi: How has Canada reacted thus far to Jewish Legend?

Josh Reichmann: Canada has reacted with a giant question mark. As it should be I guess. I don't think my music is that weird, but it is being received as such. That's just fine. I'm okay with Canada - I would like to tour again!

Mindi: Your CD release party at the Tranzac in Toronto went over extremely well, how did you feel coming off the stage?

Josh Reichmann: I felt bad coming off stage after the Tranzac show. I can be so much better - I felt like I let everyone down. It was weird. I'm waiting to feel comfortable and own my [magic] and play fucking great. Usually I go a bit crazy. I want harmony on stage. People liked it though!

Mindi: Name one musician you'd love to sleep with. Just joking. Is there a certain band right now you're really into the same way I'm really into your band? Jewish Legend has a way of waking me up and then easily putting me to sleep in a good way. I suffer from insomnia. Haha.

Josh Reichmann: I like the spirit and mind and heart of my brother Sebastien Grainger. What ever he does I'll support. I love Andre Ethier. He's my real-life brother. As for people I don't know - I like Demon fuzz, I like destroyer.

I like the idea of people doing whatever the fuck they want in Toronto and relaxing - It's not about community and it's not about cool. It's about your fucking sanity and laughing and being honest. And working hard. I like people that do those things and expand on ideas and who feel "real" when heard or seen.

Did you see Children of Men? Imagine making art then (that future) - then imagine it's more like that now then make something. Send me CD's. I'm recording Rozasia!! and I'm making a new record - total pop and totally accessible, but still good.

Love. Josh.

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