Boogie Into 2007: NYE Picklz

For me, New Year's is less about paying cover to pack bodies en masse into some random party than it is about that magical day after said party, when time stops and you can share the day with close friends, obligation-free. But let's be honest -- a good party can make or break your big night, as Jerrold illustrated -- so first things first: here are a few good places you'll find peeps getting they shwerve on.

Toronto's rocksteadiest DJ duo, Chocolate and Patrick Roots, bring their groovy things all over town this New Year's Eve. At Promise's intimate De Leon White affair, they add to a mix that includes live ska from Random Order and knob-twiddling madness from The Phat Conductor. Their double trouble strikes again at the Sumkidz/Black Light Activists party in Liberty Village, featuring the Irie Band, a slew of sick DJs and community comforts like the smoothie bar, the all-night all-vegan Kind Kitchen and many more treats (stay in the loop here). Meanwhile, the dubby DJ pair's home lair at Thymeless rolls along on that reggae wave.

Fans of danceable, thumpa-thumpa-free electronic beats -- minimal house, electro, dubstep, grime -- have a few options: Adam Marshall's Low-Key NYE at White Orchid teases with "Bottle Poppin', Body Rockin' Pants Droppin'" fun, while the Super Fantastic crew's bash at the cozy Concord ($5!) brings IDM and electro goodness. Bonus track: The [morning] After Party promises you diehards your "deep and dark" minimal techno fix at a "reasonable cover", starting at 7 a.m.! (Lineup TBA) For more electronic music listings, Tribe.ca's got you covered.

How about Afro-Latin grooves, jazz-blasting horns, homegrown hiphop or British invasions? No prob, Bob: The Footprints kids keep it tribal and deliciously sweaty at the Rivoli; Brownman and Co.'s jazz show, a little less frenzied perhaps, wails in the new year at the Trane; Do Right's MC Abdominal, DJs Fase and John Kong come correct at Supermarket; and Shake a Tail maintains its popular oldies-but-goodies affair with Stone's Place.

Play safe, kids, and we'll see you next year. Talk to you after the game.

Image from Jewlicious.

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