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Holy F#!@, Shout Out Out Out, Land Of Talk @ Mod Club: Review

Hype, hype, hype, hype and MORE hype lead to a packed Mod Club from beginning to end.

Holy F#!@, Shout Out Out Out Out and Land Of Talk all agreed to get together, get on a stage and attempt to get people to dance with their slew of energy music. Land Of Talk kicked off the night and they definitely did not seem like an "opening band". Why? Had you been there, you have been shoulder-to-shoulder with someone because there was almost no room to move. Montreal's Land Of Talk have grabbed people's attention quite easily over the last few months. Lead singer Elizabeth Powell's vocals were the definite ear-catcher - emotionally striking and charismatic. Although the band don't do anything sporadic or something out of a amateur crowd-surfing video, it's clear that their tunes are catchy in a new and interesting way - something that doesn't let you down. Clearly, the band have a ways to go, but this BlogTO'er believes good stuff will be happening to this Montreal trio very, very soon. Ears open, folks. - Garry.

Land Of Talk

Edmonton's Shout Out Out Out Out were a lot of fun, and while Garry was not incredible enthusiastic about their set, I was hugely impressed. They had a neat light setup - individual letter-shaped boxes lined with bulbs that spelled out S-H-O-U-T. It's too bad these stage props were difficult to see from floor level. To call them energetic would simply be an understatement. They were bouncing around on stage so much that at times it was hard to keep count of how many band members there were (6). They had the crowd clapping their hands in the air, they threw things, lifted drums, jumped and kicked, and even snuck in a bicep flexing demonstration. Their music? Daft Punkish, with a more organic and analog feel. Their highly robotic, distorted vocals (which eventually became a little monotonous for some of my friends) coupled with predominantly four-four beats from real drums (2 kits) and guitars make for an interesting dance outfit. One thing is certain - they really won the crowd over last night. I'm definitely looking to pick up their CD and hopefully seeing them live again. - Jerrold

Shout Out Out Out

Holy F@$! What's their to say? You've seen these guys, right? NO? Well, ok. Their title describes them quite well. It's merely the phrase you want to utter when their set is complete. Lead Holy F#!@er Brian Borcherdt would exclaim (over and over) that they were nervous to play for their home crowd of Torontonians. The first few rows of people to the stage were not still. Pretty soon, the infectious dancing and energy worked its way to the back of the room, easily diminishing the reputation that Toronto crowds don't dance. Nearing the end of their set, the crowd had their hands reaching to the sky and asking for more. An encore (which was a no-brainer) was played with much intensity and sweat amongst the dedicated in the front. As for a 2nd encore, the band decided to do an improvised session which went alright. It was noticeable that in the latter-half of the improved encore that they were running low on ideas. So, on that note, they ended their show with the traditional chanting of "HOLY F#!@! HOLY F!@#$ HOLY F$@#$!$#$@!!!"

Holy F#!@

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