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By Divine Right, The Coast @ The Drake Underground

Rainy nights with red carpets and movie stars are the way to go if you feel like you want to dine with Sigourney Weaver. That sounds all good 'n fun, but last night at The Drake, Sigourney Weaver was in the lounge - not at The Underground.

Easy Tiger (that loveable character known as Ben Buchanan) threw a classy gig at The Drake Underground last night which involved The Rural Alberta Advantage, The Coast, The Diableros & (the triumphant return of) By Divine Right. Having arrived late, I had missed The Rural Alberta Advantage. However, even though I've seen them many-a-time before, I know two things: 1) they're fun, easy to stomp to, and have a kick-ass drummer, and, 2) they're playing at the giant Palais Royale party tomorrow afternoon!

The Coast took the stage to a room quickly filling up with people. The local four-piece barely had any stage-lighting with the exception of the lead's mic stand which was wrapped in an array of Christmas lights. The lights were strong enough to support the entire stage and perfectly set the mood for the band. An indie/alternative brand of rock, The Coast played the same order and brand of tunes through out their set A settling set of vocals with high-range guitar, The Coast's music emit their sound like the mic stand of light. After a while, the music seems to get stuck in your head. Once that happens, you manage to divide up all of the music into separate sections and think, "I want to hear this again". The Coast have a self-titled EP available for purchase.


The Diableros played under the fiery red sky of The Drake's lights. When I first saw The Diableros well-over two years ago, the band had many different members (with the exception of lead Pete Carmichael and drummer Phoebe Lee). As the band continues to change, the sound gets better and better. The band played at a slower and more relaxed tempo than they usually do for some reason, but that didn't stop the few at the front who decided to keep a beat. There's always the suspicion that The Drake tends to drain people of their energy and male them think twice before doing anything ecstatic. I'm one who likes to break the rules - this includes me smashing a tambourine into my hands and singing along in the gaping spot between the crowd and the band. Ian Jackson's sporadic motions with the guitar and constant attempts to find distortion in his output is tolerable and worth hooting 'n hollering for. In regards to my comments about different members, last night was the final performance for Diableros' bassist Gary Leggett. He will still be around, but at the same time, he'll be missed (as a band member).

By Divine Right, the band nobody thought they'd ever seen on a stage ever again, proved those nay-sayers wrong, got together, practiced old and new songs, and decided to play a few songs. By Divine Right is Jose Miguel Contreras. Well-over a year to two years ago, the band had one Meligrove Band member. Now, the band has three Meligrove Band members. Contreras said that he was constantly bugged by Ben Buchanan to play a show with Contreras replying with "no" every time. It was only soon after the fourth or fifth "no" that he was convinced by someone else to come out of the woodworks and play for smiling welcomers. Contreras and the band played old tunes reminiscent of a mid-late 90's Toronto alternative era that still works today.

Overall, it was a swell night of cool music and a place to go to get out of the rain. Oh! The Born Ruffians were the head dj's. When Luke LaLonde decides to play NWA's 'Straight Outta Compton', you know you have to break the hipster rules and bust a friggin' move. BUST.A.MOVE.

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