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The Last Schmaltz: The Bicycles' CD Release Party Review

A night that many, including the band headlining the night, had been looking forward to for years went off without a hitch!

Saturday afternoon and evening were all about constant music partying. The Bicycles, the official bubble-gum pop band of Toronto (or Canada), played two sets for the masses: one being all-ages and the other being 19+ at The Tranzac for their CD release party. Many special guests including Ohbijou, Gentlemen Reg, Andre Ethier, The Golden Dogs and many more were invited to perform songs with The Bicycles. The all-ages show was spectacular according to many. At a point, there was a blown fuse in the building and the remainder of the set had to be played in acoustic.

The evening set had a similar line-up. Both sets were opened up by the lovely Laura Barrett. Her Kalimba-plucking ways were wonderful, as per usual. An addition to her set was a piano cover of The Bicycles' 'Sure Was Great'. A little different from her perspective, but anyone who knows Laura Barrett's work should know and understand that she is, without a doubt, a myriad musical wonder.

Photos (Beth Hamill)

The Bicycles took the stage to play a number of songs from their debut record 'The Good, The Bad & The Cuddly'. The band would call their friends on stage to play songs with them, taking turns trying out different parts and entertaining a very happy and smile-filled crowd. Other acts that joined The Bicycles on stage were Dan Byrk, Steve Lambke (of The Constantines), Township Expansion, John Southworth, Jay Nunes (of The Meligrove Band), Catriona (of Plumtree), and Sloan's Jay Ferguson perfmoing 'The Lines You Amend' . The Adorables (sans Henri Faberge) performed one song aptly spouted by Brendan Howlett. Since the song required some physical activity, Howlett did not have anyone to rock around with. So, he took a huge (literal) leap-of-faith from the stage and attempted to be caught by the ailing crowd. This didn't work to his plan as he soared into the ground. However, being the invulnerable bassist that he is, Howlett got up and continued playing.

The final number consisted of every performer to join the band on stage and sing a final hurrah to end a wonderful night. The Bicycles have made a vast amount of friends over the years and will no-doubt continue to make more as they work forward with more songs about past-girlfriends 'n such.

Also, major kudos goes out to Dana Snell for drumming through two sets for three hours...EACH!!!!

Photos (Garry Tsaconas)

(Image: Beth Hamill)

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