Hands to the heavens for The Hidden Cameras

Murdered City Music Festival: Night Four

The Murdered City Music Festival welcomed its fourth day with open arms as The Hidden Cameras, The Bicycles, The Old Soul & Brigitte performed.

Local collective Brigitte kicked off the night. The band had a electro-speed rock thing going which possessed a lot of energy. The lead singer had a bit of a Wheatus thing going with his vox, but this isn't a negative post. A generic string of songs was enough to hear what was needed. However, if you wanted to fit in a decent warm-up dance, Brigitte was the sensible selection for that.

The Old Soul made their way down the highway and played with a somewhat smaller line-up than usual. Although this was the case, it didn't stop them from busting out a giant 2x4 of energy. The band kicked off their set with the traditional instrumental uprising of horns, echoing guitar and unison. As always, The Old Soul played 'the old soul' right after. It's always good to hear people say things like, "if I don't get to see (such 'n such band), my heart will explode." Yes, it sounds hyperbolized to the max, but no one should deny how much anyone should enjoy a certain brand of music. The Old Soul were tight. Clearly.


Once Brantford locals, now full-fledged Torontonians, The Bicycles got their well-received up-roar as they hit the Ford Plant stage. Said by most (in the room), this had to of been one of the band's most energetic sets. As solid and together as they have ever been, The Bicycles had been getting attention on the College Radio charts and everywhere else. By keeping themselves intact and amazingly fun at the same time, The Bicycles opened their set with sweet vocals singing, "hey hey, it's the end of a good thing." The bubble-gum rock never gets boring, especially when you (and everyone around you) can't stop dancing.

The Hidden Cameras were the last excuse of the night to dance. Dance! Dance! Dance! The band premiered a plethora of new songs from the new disc entitled 'Awoo' which comes out on August 22nd. Front man Joel Gibb is known for changing his band's line-up a lot. However as of late, it's remained static. A small, yet fantastic strings section was evident through out the set: a Cello for deep sounds and violin for picking and creativity. Keys, backing vox & fantastic percussion were all worthy of mention. Although it's difficult to review a band that everyone and anyone has seen at least once (so there's nothing new to report....kind of), the best thing to tell the one who missed the show is that they missed a good time. But, everyone who didn't go should know that, right?

Today: Jenny (from The Barmitzvah Brother's) plays her Omnichord by the river. Also, Jon-Rae & The River play a little bit, as well.

Tonight: The Sadies, Jon-Rae & The River, Andre Either & Ohbijou.

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