This Sunday: SCENE Music Festival in St Cats

It's no secret that Southern Ontario has a LOT of music festivals. From North By Northeast and Canadian Music Week to the World Electronic Music Festival and recently added MQM Metal Fest, there are tons of options for hearing quality indie bands. However, the mighty KING of these festivals is undoubtedly the 11th annual S.C.E.N.E. Festival (St Catharine's Event for New music Entertainment) happening this Sunday, July 9th.

My heart races just thinking about it. Almost all the best acts I've watched in 2005-2006 are on this year's all-star roster. Catch local favourites like ALEXISONFIRE, THE SALADS, THE FLATLINERS, THE CREEPSHOW, THE REASON and 116 more bands at 16 stages and 13 venues! Last year's attendance drew 6,000 music lovers so you won't want to miss out.

This is not your typical festival with its overhyped, overpriced events aimed at industry heads. SCENE is a celebration of local talent and independent music put on by Stumble Records and Bedlam Society. Past performers include Alexisonfire, Bedouin Soundclash, Billy Talent, The Waking Eyes, Silverstein and Marble Index -- all before they gained international recognition -- so don't be afraid to take a gamble on the newest emerging artists!

I know... it's overwhelming. Festival virgins look at the long list of bands and it all looks like a foreign language. Here's a shortcut: some acts that are guaranteed to make you wanna scream their names on street corners and go utterly bankrupt on their merch.

Ceremonial Snips
Hostage Life
Maximum RNR
Rad Affair
The Creepshow
The Flatliners
The Matadors
The Salads
The Video Dead

4 Barrel
Attack In Black
Die Driving
Idle Sons
Soap Opera Coma
Surplus Sons
The Reason

A Minute Till Midnight
Arise & Ruin
Del Ascher
Two Knives

Cain And Abel
City & Colour
Clothes Make The Man
Everything Was Perfect
Raising The Fawn
Summer Hero

So basically, now that you're super psyched about the show, here's what you need to know. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster for $23.40. (If you don't have money now, BORROW IT or run the risk of hating yourself until SCENE Fest 2007). Doors open at noon and the first 2000 people get a festival CD. The last bands will be finished by 1:20am. If you need a ride, you can check the site for carpool options. I also highly recommend visiting the official site to make your own customized schedule with a nifty map included to help you navigate!

Reviews to be posted next week... but be sure to attend because no matter how well I cover the events, I can't recreate the magnificent reverberation in your ears, the sweat on your skin, the beer in your hand or the feeling of complete contentment in your heart that comes along with witnessing a band that bridges the gap between soul and external environment.

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