Owen Pallet as Final Fantasy

Cancer Research Benefit Show @ The Boat

Every night is always a good night to try and rid the world of Cancer. Music always helps.

Last night was the Cancer Research Benefit Show @ The Boat (run by Kait Collins, who did a fantastic job). On the bill were Steel-Towners' The Good Ideas, local "Bad Band" Pyramid Culture, Final Fantasy & Ninja High School.

The Good Ideas kicked off the night with a sleuth of songs all attached together. As interesting as the idea was to do so, followed by the lead singer/bass player wearing a slightly-modified hat that said "Pizza Pizza SUCKS", they didn't seem to match up to caliber of performances that were to follow. Their tunes had a wavy style to them, pitches and lines changing about constantly. Once they were finished, four mics were set up at the front of the stage with nothing else behind them by space.

Pyramid Culture is growing, especially on people. The quartet of delightfully sexy lovelies sported short-shorts with their associative colours (Kat wears red, Tallulah wears green, Ignacia wears purple & Katherine wears orange). The band pranced around with microphones singing about the dangers of Aspartame to iPod beats. Honestly, nothing beats that. When Pyramid Culture started out, they stood next to each other and sang into the microphones stationary on the mic stands. Now, they move about, interact with the audience, spout and get loud 'n so forth. Entertainment-worthy? Yes. Pyramid Culture are good at making you crack a smile or drop your jaw in elation.


Final Fantasy (aka. Owen Pallet) was next in line to show off his talents. The crowd gathered in and packed themselves together like sardines in a tin can. Pallet created loops, vox effects, piano effects and occasionally screamed into the pick-up in his violin: all of this he is known for (and does it very well). Pallet is the only one doing all of the moving as everyone is literally caught still by his output. It's clear that he has a hold of you during one point in the show. Pallet played an extra song that he had been working on: a cover to Destroyer's 'An Actors Revenge'. Pallet was modest about the cover, saying how it wasn't refined enough to play for anyone. However, it came out great.

Ninja High School
were the finale of the evening. There was nothing left of the dance floor/stage but a power bar and a monitor. Six people took the stage around NHS leader Matt Collins while Front 242 played over the P.A. system: a superior warm-up trait. When the show kicked off, the dancing began like the floor was on fire. Of course, the slam-dancing full of love kicked in about 30 seconds later. Although it wasn't terribly packed by this point and most of the Final Fantasy fans had gone home to their beds, the loyal fans stayed back to dance, drink & raise hell (including Owen...well, no one saw him raising any hell). Crowd-surfing and raising-to-the-roof was common into the night. Almost everyone had their reach up at The Boat's Disco Ball. By the end of the set, the floor was wet (beer and sweat) and everyone was catching their breath. Ninja High School are going on tour out west next week.

As for the Cancer Benefit, it was said that well-over $1000 was raised from adv./door ticket sales. This effort was applauded and well-recognized by everyone. Good bands, good times & a successful objective.

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