Five Questions (More or Less) With More Or Les

So what is the truth about rap? Toronto's own More Or Les answers that loaded question in his own inimitable style. The DJ/rapper's sophomore album The Truth About Rap drops next week (May 31) with a CD release party at The Reverb.

More Or Les is neither a novelty act or your average rapper. His jocular flow, quirky rhymes and deadpan delivery challenge stereotypically stuffy thinking about hip hop. Let's get real -- if you think that hip-hop is all about nihilism, bling and thuglife, holla at yo boy Les to learn The Truth About Rap. To use the hackneyed saying, Les "keeps it real" and no Toronto-themed topic is safe. He rhymes about SARS, Toronto gun violence and even the perils of busking on Queen St. Check him out on MySpace for a taste.

Back in the days, I went to the same Scarborough public school with More Or Les (aka Les Seaforth) and I can vividly remember talent shows where Les would drop some Rappin' Duke to an unsuspecting pre-teen populace. Nowadays, he can be seen spinning on occasion at Gypsy Co-op, rhyming on Queen St. corners or taking in his favorite meal of the day, Brunch.


BlogTO: What's the inspiration behind your hip hop nom-de-guerre and also the album title?
More Or Les: boredom in grade 10 biology class
Album name: changing my mind about the original album title "nuts-n-gum" to something that better fit the messages I was conveying through my lyrics.

You grew up in Scarborough but now live downtown. Which area do you prefer and why?
More Or Les: I prefer downtown for the Pizza Pizza across the street from my apartment at 3:00 am.
I prefer Scarborough for the greasy burgers off the 401 at 3:00 am.

The truth about rap is...?
More Or Les: a) the title of my new album featuring Rhythmicru, Latte D. Kyd and SJ the Wordburglar
b) hard work from birth
c) ...go eat!
d) All of the above

What are the perils of busking on Queen St.?
More Or Les: Being harassed by old guys to "turn that jungle music down" - sad but true...

You dedicated a song to your favorite meal on the album. Why brunch?
More Or Les: Why not?! What, you've got something against it? What did brunch ever do to you?!

Bonus question: What's your beef with 50 Cent and other commercial rappers?
More Or Les: Not finding someone other than Tupac to imitate.
A lack of creativity in their business models.

Bonus question: Why should people pick up your album?
More Or Les: a) because you'll find gold in it
b) listening to it gives you magical powers
c) because it's edible
d) none of the above

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