S.C.E.N.E. Festival - The Summer's Hottest Rock Event

Calling all dormant rock music afficianados! I know you have to work on Monday, I know you're strapped for cash (I mean, you do live Toronto) and I know your only mode of transportation this summer is a bicycle. HOWEVER, these excuses just don't fly when it comes to S.C.E.N.E. (St Catharines Event for New music and Entertainment). This festival will undoubtedly rock your socks off and give you an edge on the hottest up-and-coming talent hailing from all across Canada. As intelligent, cultured youth, we realize that Live8 is NOT an accurate representation of all that Canada has to offer, so get your arses out here and let's get rowdy!

"What the F$%# is SCENE?"
Ok, so you're a little behind in the News, as it's the fetival's 10th running. But hey, it's never too late to get started. In fact, being summer and all, there's never a better time to seize the moment and broaden your musical horizons. We're always out looking for the new soundtrack to define our summer.

With a first year attendance of 800 fans and 3 different clubs to choose from, SCENE has now grown in excess of 3500 music lovers, 98 bands and 11 venue options (this year including an outdoor stage!) Early comers are rewarded with a free double CD of SCENE artists as well. Score!


"What will it cost me?"
I understand that some of you have paid $40+ for Edgefest and Warped Tour tickets in recent months. So you're probably sweating bullets wondering how much this will cost you. Never fear! Festival heads Joel Carriere (Bedlam Society and Manager of Alexisonfire, Raising the Fawn) and Steve Stumble (Stumble Records) are down-to-earth guys who believe you should be able to see an absurd amount of bands for only $18!! You can get them in Toronto at Rotate This or check the website for more info on snagging these low-priced tickets.

"How do I get there?"
A friend who drives would be the best luxury no doubt but hopping a Greyhound would probably cost you between $25-40 and just an hour and fifteen minutes. There's also the option to catch a carpool right on the SCENE site. If you probe a little, I'm sure you'll find a rowdy beer-guzzling party bus departing from the area.

"I Have To Work Tomorrow."
Yeah, so do I. The festival starts at 2pm and goes till 2am so there's plenty of time to come and catch your money's worth before heading back home for some quick shut-eye. Mondays always suck any ways... at least in this case you'll have a good soundtrack for the morning commute!

"I've Never Heard of These Bands."
Well, OK, I know you've heard of Alexisonfire, just one of the many bands rocking out this year. They were once a relatively unknown band at the festival too. You can listen to most of the bands on the SCENE website here.

Here's some suggestions:
Hostage Life
September Is Falling
The Video Dead
The Next Best Thing
The Flatliners
The Reason
Murder Thy Maker
The Salads
No Warning
Ceremonial Snips
Everything Was Perfect
Ill Scarlett


Look, I'm having anxiety attacks already. I'm not going to lie to you. Things are going to get crazy, intense, and ultimately awesome at SCENE. Whether you're into punk, emo, hardcore, screamo, ska, industrial or acoustic alternative, you will find a wide array of Canada's finest talent.

Check Back for more SCENE Coverage in the coming week!

Photos Courtesy of SCENE, Haddonfield & Ill Scarlett

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