Buzz: The Event You'll Be Talking About All Summer

Ok, so it's only Monday. But I'm a firm believer that it's never too early to start thinking about the weekend! Afterall, Thursday IS the new Friday and it surely sneaks up on you like a guerilla soldier. I don't know about you but so far my summer's been lacking that one big kick-ass event that my friends and I will be bantering about for the rest of these blissful, sunny months. Never fear, friends, because the creative arts and music event of the summer is here and the buzz is thick!

The festivities begin this Saturday at noon in a unique space near Queen Street East and Berkley. This isn't your typical BBQ though. A culinary master will be onhand serving up delicious vegetarian cuisine, as your senses are delighted by acoustical performances and street performers. Beware, Omie the Clown will be lurking about and Maggie's ardent pyrotechnics show will light your hearts aflame! In addition, if you're feeling particularly inspired, feel free to grab a paintbrush and join JENR8, JUST JESS and MAGDA WOJTYRA at the Art Salon where a communal mural is being created.

At 4:30pm, the live music kicks off on the main stage, featuring Toronto's best talent, with everything from chill ambient rock and reggae ska acts to thrash metal and hiphop/funk. At 7pm, the other room will bombard your senses with all your electronic genre favourites - breaks, house, tech, jungle, DNB and trance! It's been years since Toronto has seen a lineup this diverse and this enlightened! Admittedly, I'm spazzing just thinking about it!


"The Buzz Festival has alluring similarities, with its combination of art and music in a high stimuli, safe and friendly environment," says one enthusiastic advocate.

I could brag about the different elements all day long. However, when you get down n dirty, it's the Vibe that truly makes the event. The guys at Universal Metropolis, Busker Records, Dynamo's Den, Harbinger Sound, NeXstep Entertainment, The Promoter Mag, Visual Stimulus, Canadian Smoking Glass and Zer0g have been some of the nicest, coolest people I've come across. They're a group of dedicated performers, music-lovers, writers, and promoters who believe in making bigger, better events with a houseparty atmosphere and at an affordable price ($10).

There will be no dress code-enforcing, attitude-laden security at the door (although a bee-themed costume is very much welcomed). Drinks won't cost you $6 each. Herbal tea will be in abundance, you can be sure, and the crowd will be an ecclectic blend of friendly strangers. Don't miss out on this event, for the buzz is thick and the payoff is honey-sweet!


Main Stage Setlist:
4:30pm - MOVING TARGETS atmospheric space rock, distorted ambient
5:45pm - GOMANGO Ska, reggae and even a little country-fused rock
7:00pm - IDIOTS! electronica-fused pop-rock duo
8:15pm - MINORITY thrash metal rockers
9:30pm - THE HOT KNIVES funkdified, blues-grooves spunk
11:00pm - RHYMESTONE downtempo rhythms, hip-hop & funk
12:30am - CHAMELEON PROJECT Live jungle, breakbeat, dub, jazzy sounds
1:30am - MARTY vs. MCFLY breaks
EFSHARP (hip-hop, afro-funk)
THE PRIME MINISTER (house, breaks)

Stage 93 Setlist:
7:00pm - RHYTHMIC (funky breaks & techno)
8:15pm - MR. FURIOUS (non-monotonous house, progressive)
9:15pm - GL.TCH (electro-tech)
10:15pm - SECONDPRIZE (jungle)
11:00pm - ARTY VISUAL (funky breaks)
Midnight - D-SYFA (drum & bass)
1:00am - JUSTIN TYCE (funky house & breaks)
2:00am - DR. FRITZ vs SCARTAT (jungle)
3:00am - DRAG'N'FLY (hard trance/techno)
6:00am - PRETTY BOY ACID (trance)

For more info, check out the main site: http://www.umfm.net/events/buzz/

To read about one of their past events, click here.

Photos Courtesy of www.jenr8.com and www.chameleonproject.com

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