The music man cometh!

The days are short and the nights are long, and while old man winter is still doing unspeakable things to your body, one can take comfort in the fact that there is some really great acts coming to our fair city in the next couple of months. The following are a couple that I'm really excited about, and as the snow begins to recede, I'll let you guys know about them as soon as I know. But I'm sure there's enough there to warm the soul for the next little while.

The Futureheads - Feb. 27 - Lee's Palace
One of the nouveau pioneers in the post punk new wave front, The Futureheads hail from the UK and mix post punk technical superiority with canon melodies that draw inspiration from XTC and The Jam. So bouncy and melodic, it's going to have the kids go crazy. It's like they write the punk song you've always wanted to write but couldn't because you're inherently tone deaf.

Bloc Party - Apr. 2 - Opera House
The British invasion just keeps on coming. NME favorites, Bloc Party will have you believing in art punk once again! Equally inspired by Sonic Youth, The Cure, and Joy Division, these guys have a unique ability to mix indie guitar sonic soundscapes with the ever elusive pop structure. Crazy, no? If that's not enough to turn your crank, than one should at least appreciate Matt Tong's skill with a drum set. It's been a while since I've heard such tight and flawless drum sequences. It's like listening to a DJ effortlessly flow from one time signature to the next.

Out Hud - Apr. 10 - The Horseshoe
Making the indie kids dance worldwide is the NY collective, Out Hud. Brandishing disco, dub and post punk, the group have acquired a reputation for their live shows. Traditionally sans vocal, they're going to go the distance on their soon to be released new album which has a spring release date. I challenge you not to move your groove thing when the sound hits your lobes.

Caribou - Apr 28 - The Horseshoe
London Ontario's very own Dan Snaith is coming to town, and hopefully bearing the same goat mask that he was wearing on his previous tour. While the whole name change debacle hasn't got him down (earlier this year, he was legally forced to change his moniker from Manitoba to Caribou) I would imagine he remains pessimistic about the whole music is commerce thing. There's no doubt though, that he will also be bringing back his dual drum assault mixed with psychedelic electronic ambience. Do not fear his mathematics (he's got a PhD in math, by the way), embrace the challenge until you've memorized Pi to five hundred digits.

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