Missing Harmony

On the Sunday before Christmas I was talking with my friend Becky and I asked her what she'd done the night before. "Oh, I went with Kevin to the, what is it, it's a CBC thing with stories and music and stuff. It was at U of T.
"You went to see The Vinyl Cafe?!"

"Yeah, that's it! I love that guy's voice!"

I was pretty jealous immediately. Becky has barely heard four episodes of the show and I just love it! I didn't even know the show had happened though. She really enjoyed the evening and mentioned a lovely singer with a guitar named Harmony Trowbridge who played a cover of River by Joni Mitchell. I was beside myself with envy, and then I clicked through the archives on the Vinyl Cafe website I saw that Owen Pallett (of Les Mouches and the shockingly beautiful Final Fantasy) also played on that day. I was determined to tune in for 2004's Vinyl Cafe Christmas show.

Of course the Christmas show was broadcast on Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, and I slept in, or would have been too occupied with family to pay attention anyway, so I missed it. Crud.

Now, on Wednesday, the 29th of December, I got a call from Becky who wanted to do something. I didn't know what and she didn't know what, so I looked at my calendar and saw that I'd written in a party which was taking place nearby and would feature film screenings from my friends Chris and Iris and some music by unnamed performers.

We missed the films and the basement was too crowded to enjoy the music and the music upstairs was loud and thumping, but Becky and I sat on a small couch for a few hours and chatted about different things with different people. Sarah Greene, who hosts Roadrunner on CIUT, was sitting with us at one point and she squinted down the hall towards the front door when a tall woman in pointy red shoes came in. "Hey, is that Harmony?" asked Sarah, "It has to be, it can't be anyone else." and she got up to talk to her.

Becky leaned over, "Hey! That's that girl that sang on The Vinyl Cafe. Your friend knows her, tell her she's really good."
"What? I didn't even hear the show."
"Yeah, but Sarah knows her."

The two of them stopped nearby and chatted some more. They talked about Harmony being on Roadrunner, and Harmony happened to have a copy of her new CD on her and gave it to Sarah. Becky jabbed me in the ribs with her elbow, "Get a cd, get a cd!" she said.
"Go get your own CD!" said I, but she wouldn't. She didn't want to interrupt. When Sarah went somewhere else and Harmony and her Husband found a seat alone nearby she still wouldn't approach them. I guess if I'd been a good friend I would have introduced myself and Becky and talked to her a bit, hell, even if I was a good party-goer, but I'm not, so I didn't.

In March I'll do my best to go see Harmony play above The Rivoli at The Maple Lounge. She'll be there every Wednesday of the month in celebration of the release of her new CD Amoraphobe. It's a nice space, and a great place to see a solo performer perform.

In more pressing matters though, Owen Pallettis doing a Final Fantasyset on January 13th, at The Music Gallery. It's a one-man-band show featuring Sandro Perri, Guitarkestra, Chimichanga, and mn-l. Admission is $5 - $10, it's all ages, starts at 8pm, and it'll be amazing!

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