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Morning Brew: Fat Ford column gets pulled, poll shows Smitherman and Ford are tied, 'Officer Bubbles' sues for $1.2 million, 200 Wellesley tenants are in for long wait, new Walk of Fame inductees

Rob Ford's "mounds of fat" were the focus of a column by Stephen Marche that appeared in this Saturday's (revamped and classy?) Globe and Mail. "Rob Ford's not popular despite being fat. He's popular because of it," the author offered by way of the socio-cultural implications of Rob Ford's belly. Just the type of information you need to make an informed decision this municipal election, right? Well apparently some readers didn't appreciate the favour, and the article was later pulled from the Globe's website. "While we believe strongly in freedom of speech for our writers and our readers both, we also felt the piece was offensive in its language," associate editor Sylvia Stead told OpenFile. "It's also not what the election should be about." That's some powerful 20/20 hindsight.

Keeping with election news, the results of yet another poll show that Ford and Smitherman are neck and neck, still. The Angus Reid Public Opinion poll surveyed 1,001 Torontonians and found 41 per cent of decided voters supporting Ford, while 40 per cent are supporting Smitherman and 16 per cent supporting Joe Pantalone. In related news, some Toronto papers have unveiled their allegiances this weekend, and to the unbridled shock of everyone, the Toronto Star endorsed George Smitherman and the Toronto Sun threw its support behind Rob Ford. Also: water is wet. The Toronto Star's hilarious infographic on its new Angus Reid poll today confirms their allegiance.

'Officer Bubbles,' if I can still call him that, has launched a $1.2 million defamation suit compelling YouTube to release the identities of 25 meanies on the Internet. Toronto Police Constable Adam Josephs became a YouTube sensation this summer after a video went viral of him threatening to arrest a woman blowing bubbles during the G20 summit. The lawsuit, however, has been filed in response to eight cartoons showing abusive acts of power by an "A. Josephs," and not the original video. No word yet on whether retribution includes Josephs getting to blow bubbles in their faces, and drawing unflattering sketches of the video's creator. Jerks.

Hundreds of tenants displaced by the six-alarm fire at 200 Wellesley are still waiting to go home, and many might be in for the long haul. Toronto Community Housing CAO Mitzie Hunter said about 600 tenants in 344 units were still displaced as of Saturday, and about 60 per cent are expected to move back in five weeks. The other 40 per cent may have to wait up to five months to get back to their homes. According to Hunter, the delay is due to extensive smoke and water damage in some units, which has made them unfit for residency. Displaced tenants will receive a one-time clothing allowance next week and $10 a day for every day they stay with family and friends for the next 30 days.

Seven new members were inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame this weekend as an estimated 5,000 fans packed downtown to watch the event. Musician David Clayton-Thomas, singer Nelly Furtado, actor Eric McCormack, author Farley Mowat, filmmaker-actress Sarah Polley, Olympian Clara Hughes and the late magician Doug Henning were immortalized on King Street as part of a four-day festival that ended last night. Howie Mandel took a break from America's Got Talent to host the ceremony at the Canon Theatre, which will air Wednesday.

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