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Morning Brew: rubber bullets used by G20 police?, CityPlace congestion solution two years away, Simcoe teen stranded in Cuba after traffic accident, Presto card vs. open payment for TTC, snake on the loose in London

Were her wounds caused by rubber bullets, by blank "muzzle blasts," or something else altogether? Police making up the G20 Integrated Security Unit have said they used harmless muzzle blasts (blanks) to scare off protesters near the temporary detention centre, but according to an activist who was treated in hospital it would appear that rubber bullets may have been used on that final day of the G20 meetings. Why we are only learning about this now might have something to do with a lawsuit that may stem from the incident. This and a number of other lawsuits are being launched against the Toronto Police, in addition to reviews of police actions by the Ontario Ombudsman, the Toronto Police Services Board, and by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.

He's been caught on camera three times but not yet been caught by authorities. Peel region police are appealing to the public to assist in the identification of a suspect who is described as armed and dangerous and is accused of multiple bank robberies in Mississauga this summer.

A solution to the traffic congestion problem (that appeared with the introduction of a number of condos towers at CityPlace) is in sights but won't be implemented for a couple of years. Fort York Boulevard will eventually be extended to Bathurst but until then navigating the area where Fort York Boulevard and Bremner meet Spadina will continue to be a challenge shared by motorists, pedestrians, and transit users.

Don't rent a car in Cuba. Or don't count on the Canadian government to come to your aid if you do rent a car in Cuba, get t-boned by a truck, and a Cuban is hurt in the process. A 19-year old from Simcoe is facing a very sticky situation because it's a guilty-until-proven-innocent scenario in Cuba when a tourist is driving and a local is seriously injured. Given our recent track record, this doesn't bode well.

The debate rages on. Should the TTC and other connecting GTA transit systems implement the custom and proprietary Presto card system (that's already invested in and is already being phased in slowly), or should they follow the advice of NYC transit guru Paul Korczak and move to the already existing "open payment" credit and debit technology (such as Mastercard's Paypass)?

London-area residents are on the lookout for a 1.5m long snake (possibly a python) after one was seen in a neighbourhood and evaded capture by animal control. No pet snakes have been reported missing.

And here's what blogTO was up to this weekend:

  • Roger reviewed the play Love, Loss and What I Wore.
  • Lauren chatted with celebrated Chef Scott Conant about the arrival of Scarpetta in Toronto.
  • Ben sought cheer at Unlovable, a new bar at Dufferin and Dundas by the same owner as Sweaty Betty's and the Red Light.
  • Ryan posted some highlights to watch for at this year's upcoming Caribana festival.
  • Robyn filled us in on this Wednesday's "Bixi Bash" bike sharing support party, which aims to snag advanced subscribers and keep the program alive.
  • Derek revealed blogTO's first weekly photo of the week contest. Be sure to cast your vote!
  • Erin spoke with Mark Cohon, Commissioner of the CFL.
  • Stephen reviewed Cafe Awtash, a new hookah bar in Little Italy that is still awaiting its liquor license but has ample snack and smoke.
  • Matthew wrote about Frank Gehry's childhood home, which is facing demolition.

Photo: "New City" by @ThetaState, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

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