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Nations Experience

Nations Experience is a humongous supermarket and global food emporium and entertainment complex with an arcade, VR and kids’ play area.

The grocery chain with origins in Woodbridge and another store in Hamilton swooped into the 155,000-square-foot space left vacant by Target.

Nations Experience Toronto

The kids’ play area and arcade are located near the front along with the cash, dining and food court areas.

Nations Experience Toronto

Beyond that the high-ceilinged space expands into more traditional grocery store aisles, where a pharmacy, butcher and fishmonger are located.

Nations Experience TorontoHere’s how it works as far as the self-serve hot table goes: there’s a value table where your meal is priced by weight at $5.99 a pound, a premium table where it’s $7.99 a pound, and a salad bar priced at $6.99 a pound.

Nations Experience Toronto

Options might include shrimp, lamb shank, butter chicken, rice and beans, curries and stews, stuffed tilapia and much more.

Nations Experience Toronto

If you’re the sort of person that craves meals of say, ribs, mango salad, burgers, pizza and sushi mixed and matched from various cuisines that you ordinarily wouldn’t practically be able to eat together, this is the place for you.

Nations Experience Toronto

A dim sum area is not self-serve but has steam baskets filled with shrimp dumplings ($2.99), beef balls with bean sticks ($2.29) and chiu chow dumplings ($1.99).

Nations Experience TorontoRight near this is a Chinese BBQ area where roasted pork, duck, chicken and ribs prepared on site are sold.

Nations Experience Toronto

Pre-made bubble teas in flavours like pineapple and taro run around 99 cents to $1.99, with made-to-order teas starting around $2.99.

Nations Experience Toronto

The butcher carries all kinds of rarer meats, like beef stomach, pork feet, frozen goat legs, shoulder steaks and blood curd.

Nations Experience TorontoThis place isn’t so much interesting for the variety of products under one roof, but the way they stock harder to find items.

Nations Experience Toronto

A mini fish market is lined with tanks on all sides containing live fish, crab and lobster as well as other shellfish and pre-butchered filets.

Nations Experience Toronto

“Happy Kingdom Play Cards” valid for play in the arcade start at $12 with a $2 activation fee for a new card.

nations torontoOf course there’s also your typical dairy, deli and bakery sections, as well as frozen products like calamansi and longanisa.

nations torontoWhatever ingredient or dish you’re looking for from whatever culture you’ll likely be able to find it at this megamarket, though environmentalists may want to note it may not come in the most pleasing packaging.

Nations Experience Toronto

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Nations Experience

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