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Kiss My Pans

Kiss My Pans is a cheese connoisseur's happy place offering everything you could ever need in order to achieve an unreal at-home charcuterie experience. 

The specialty shop in the heart of Little Italy sells unique cheeses, meats, and spreads from around the globe. Cones full of cheese and butter roasted coffee are also available to satisfy your cheese and caffeine cravings on the go.
Kiss My Pans TorontoJeanne Chai started Kiss My Pans three years ago in Singapore making large cheese grazing platters for brands like Disney, Visa and Fox. The concept transformed into this shop with her partner David Burga when the pair moved to Toronto after living in Asia for 12 years.

Kiss My Pans TorontoChai continues to perfect the cheese and fruit platters, which have to be preordered a few days in advance, and takes great joy in further sharing her undeniable love for cheese from this College Street storefront. 

Kiss My Pans TorontoSomething tasty that Chai whips up in-store is cheese cones ($10). Just keep in mind, you'll need to visit on the weekend if you're looking to score one of these cute charcuterie alternatives. 

kiss my pans torontoThe cones are filled with a variety of cheeses and bite-sized munchies like fresh and dried fruits, cured meats, crackers, and bits of chocolate and popcorn. The contents switch up depending on availability, so you never know what mix of cheeses and goodies you're getting. 

Kiss My Pans Toronto

The full offering of cheeses, which are carefully curated from all over the world, can be found in a fridge next to the store entrance. Forget boring old mozzarella; Chai likes to think a bit outside of the box when it comes to the selection. 

Kiss My Pans Toronto

The grey owl is a goat cheese from Quebec with a wrinkly grey edible ash exterior. The coating not only protects the white, smooth cheese inside from mould but also adds a bit of a smoky flavour. 

Kiss My Pans Toronto

The Spanish floral manchego is filled with edible flowers and made with sheep's milk. It's just the thing if you're looking for a pop of colour for your cheese board. 

Kiss My Pans TorontoThey also usually have a few different truffle options including a brie aux truffle, black truffle gouda and truffle manchego, which unsurprisingly all go fast in this neighbourhood. 

Kiss My Pans Toronto

Dried meats like Ontario-grown summer sausage, Hungarian salami and Malaysian pork or beef bak kwa, which is basically just a more tender and juicy jerky from Bak Kwa Toronto, sit next to the cheeses in the fridge. 

Kiss My Pans TorontoThe rest of the store features plenty of additional delicious cheese accompaniments on beautifully refinished furniture mixed in with sentimental not-for-sale knick-knacks straight from Singapore. 

Kiss My Pans Toronto

There's a full lineup of dips and spreads with french truffle and olive oil mustard from Quebec, and the Parisian honey and cognac as two of the top sellers. 

Kiss My Pans Toronto

Besides the internationally-sourced goods, Chai and Burga like to support local by keeping croissants and danishes from Goûter, alfajores from Kacao Republic, and slices of pie from The New Pie Company

Kiss My Pans Toronto

Behind the counter, Burga also whips up a mean cup of kopi, a type of traditional coffee from Singapore. The drink is made with a blend of two different coffee beans from Malaysia, which have a caramelized coating due to the special butter roasting process. 

The coffee is brewed the traditional way, poured between two steel pots with a cotton coffee sock. Kiss My Pans TorontoThe strongness of the bean and mixture of evaporated and condensed milk results in a coffee with a dark chocolatey colour and creamy consistency. You can order it as an espresso, latte or cappuccino, and hot or iced. 

Kiss My Pans Toronto

They also have a few other refreshing drinks like the butterfly pea lemonade that has a bright and vibrant colour with a sweet, yet subtle flavour. 

Kiss My Pans Toronto

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Kiss My Pans

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