Fit OrganiX Toronto

Fit OrganiX

Fit OrganiX is where to go for non-allergenic, healthy meals. Everything here is free of gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, additives or preservatives. There's a daily hot table which changes daily as well as  smoothies and kombucha.

Fit OrganiX Toronto

The store itself is small but packed with all kinds of products. To one side there’s a chest freezer which contains vegan ice cream sandwiches ($4) and there’s a teensy seating area near the door. Dominating the space are a hot counter and a mini fridge that contains locally made Vibe kombucha.

Fit OrganiX Toronto

Healthy items can be purchased piecemeal at the counter, with protein dishes for a reasonable $6.50, veggies for $4 and carbs for $3. Grain-free beef minestrone is made with grilled organic grass-fed flank steak, with chickpea, black bean, carrot, kale and house veggie stock.

A soup like this, a stew, or an oatmeal can be purchased in escalating sizes for $4, $6.50 or $9.

Fit OrganiX Toronto

I grab two veggies and a protein to try out the hot table (so that brings us to about $15), chicken with a tangy barbecue sauce (made in house as they all are), savoury but more roasted than fried carrot fries, and succulent steamed snap peas and asparagus.

Fit OrganiX Toronto

I sample a little of the mojito kombucha ($4 per bottle) and it’s the least funky I’ve ever tried, genuinely tasting sort of like a mojito with flavours of mint and lime.

Fit OrganiX Toronto

Snack cakes retail for $12, and I never would have known the chocolate one was completely vegan.

Fit OrganiX Toronto

Fit OrganiX 's cookie dough can be purchased by the tube in flavours like chocolate chip, chocolate chunk, gingersnap and oatmeal raisin.

Fit OrganiX Toronto

Along one wall there’s a range of mostly non-edible products like soaps and natural deodorant, and even jewellery.

Fit OrganiX also does a thriving meal delivery business. Meals for the day are delivered in reusable bags each morning between 4 and 6 a.m. . A week of meals will set you back around $300.
Fit OrganiX Toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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