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Delight sells handmade chocolates and other delectables that contain only fair trade, organic ingredients. Despite its small size, owners Jennifer Rashleigh and Jeff Brown have managed to cram a gamut of sweetness into their retail operation in the The Junction .

Delight Cocoa

There are fresh brownies, barks, bars, truffles and related pre-packaged ingredients such as cocoa, Fleur de Sel and vanilla extract lining the shelves and filling the display cases.

Delight also stocks ground coffee from Alternative Grounds .

Now that ice-cream season has, for the most part, come to its close (except for sofa sessions), it's a good opportunity to levy some truffle-sampling out of the gift hunt haul that will soon be upon us.

Delight Interior

For all the aptness of its moniker, when it comes to their top-selling chocolate dipped ginger, the most anticipated aspect of Delight for me were the truffles.

Delight have the kind of selection that will slow down even the most decisive shopper. Lemon-vanilla, salted caramel, peanut butter and more vie for attention and tantalize the taste buds.

Delight Cheese Truffle

Emma (the photographer) and I shared both types of vegan truffle available, which on the day of our visit happened to be a lime-chili and a toasted hazelnut.

The lime-chili was good, neither too spicy to enjoy the chocolate or so zesty that it lacked heat, but the toasted hazelnut was our favourite. The hazelnut filling was so rich and the chocolate so seemingly milky that I wouldn't have had any idea that it was devoid of dairy without being told.

Delight Vegan Truffles

However, Emma resolutely abandoned me when it came to trying Delight's newest creation -- a Quebec blue cheese, dark chocolate truffle.

Delight Prices

Admittedly, I'm a big fan of unusual pairings, and the salty pungency of the cheese offset the cocoa component so well that I was happy not to share.

Delight Chocolates

There are also $1 bars of plain dark or milk chocolate by the register for those looking to stem a craving rather than experiment with various fillings.

Delight Chocolate

Of course, if you're not about to relinquish ice cream just because the weather is no longer cone-conducive, Delight serves their homemade, imaginatively flavoured ice cream, by the tub or the scoop, all year round.

Delight Logo

With choices ranging from vanilla to pumpkin pie and, yes, Quebec blue cheese (a vegan sorbet option is always available), the odds of finding a variety to suit your mood are pretty good.

Delight Chocolate Ingredients

As with the chocolate, all the ingredients used in the ice cream are organic and all dairy ingredients are sourced from Harmony Organic .

Delight Ice Cream

The only problem with Delight, if you can call it that, is that their selection is so good that it's impossible to try everything you'd like to without staggering your visits.

Delight Chocolatier

Delight Hot Chocolate

Delight Gifts

Delight will be selling their chocolates at the Holiday Sale in The Burroughes Building (639 Queen St West) between December 3rd-6th.

Photos by Emma McIntyre .

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