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Corbin Catering and Foods offers delicious meals like beef Bourguignon, scalloped potatoes and homestyle soups that taste like they came straight out of your mom's kitchen. corbin catering and foods torontoThe compact yet beautifully decorated shop on Kingston Road features one fully-dressed dining table in the front with a full commercial kitchen in the back where the magic happens.

corbin catering and foods torontoFreshly prepared packaged foods sit in the fridge to be taken home by customers, and an array of gourmet grocery offerings like oils and vinegar, preserves, marmalades and olives line the shelves in the food market right near the front entrance.

corbin catering and foods torontoChef Corbin Tomaszeski has been in the catering business for about 15 years and cooking for as long as he can remember, whipping up extravagant meals like chicken cordon bleu at the age of 10, before he knew what the dish even was.

corbin foods torontoHis mom and "yaya" taught him mostly everything he knows from his family farm back in Alberta. Tomaszeski fondly remembers standing on a pile of phonebooks as a youngster so that he could see over the counter to watch them cook. 

corbin catering and foods toronto

That's probably why the dishes taste like real home cooking. The beef Bourguignon (two servings: $16) is one of Tomaszeski's most popular offerings. He says he's sure customers would come for him if he were to ever discontinue the meal. 

corbin catering and foods torontoThe beef is braised for close to four hours in veal stock and a red wine demi-glace in order to get it nice and tender. Caramelized onions and cremini mushrooms are also added for flavour. A bit of just-like-Mom's scalloped potatoes (two servings: $15) makes for a well-matched side. 

corbin catering and foods toronto

There are also six soups, what Tomaszeski calls "comfort in a jar," that come in a one-litre portions, providing just the right amount for two big bowls. Thickened with potatoes instead of flour or cornstarch, most of them are gluten-free. 

corbin catering and foods torontoThe beef, barley and mixed vegetables and the favourite Moroccan chickpea (one-litre: $13) are the two exceptions. The aromatic flavours of the latter are achieved with a mix of Moroccan spices, fresh herbs, chickpeas, cilantro and couscous. 

corbin catering and foods torontoThe soup wouldn't feel complete without chef Corbin's farmhouse cheddar biscuits (pack of six: $13) that are prepared just like they were at the farm in Tomaszeski's early years. 

corbin catering and foods toronto

Another light option is the curry rice salad (two servings: $12), which has been in Tomaszeski 's repertoire for a while. He created the tasty salad, with raisins, mango chutney, mixed veggies and cilantro dressing, during his time as executive chef at Holt Renfrew back in the early 2000s. 

corbin catering and foods torontoAll of the dishes come ready-made in easy-to-take-home containers but are made fresh daily. The bacon and jalapeno mac 'n' cheese (two servings: $18) is one of the more popular family options in the fridge. 

corbin catering and foods torontoTwo charcuterie boxes are also included, traditional (four servings: $40) and premium (four to six servings: $56). Traditional comes fully loaded with white cheddar, brie and swiss cheese, assorted salami, fruit, olives, fig preserve, crisps and nuts. 

corbin catering and foods torontoThere's even a "ready-to-grill" section with uncooked AAA eight-ounce steaks ($15), burger patties ($15) and chicken skewers ($12.50) that can be paired up with one of the many sides. 

corbin catering and foods torontoFor dessert, there's a double chocolate chip cookie sandwich (pack of four: $14), which tends to catch the eye. Fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies are slathered in Nutella and stuck together. 

corbin catering and foods toronto

Corbin Catering and Foods provides an endless array of prepared dinner options, as well as tasty ingredients and grocery items in the market to add to your own repertoire. 

corbin catering and foods toronto

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Corbin Catering and Foods

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