Adam & Eve Chocolatier

Adam & Eve Chocolatier

I first spotted Adam & Eve Chocolatier during this year's Pride celebrations. The plastic banner out front led me to believe that I had stumbled upon something new, fresh and just opened...

In fact, A&E Chocolatier has long been a favourite amongst the locals since its opening back in 2006 (particularly the National Ballet residency students just down the street). How I managed to never notice this place in the past few years continues to baffle me, particularly as I live just blocks away...

Tucked away on Maitland, off of Church Street, I finally step into the magical little house of chocolaty delights. Once inside, I'm confronted with a charming retail boutique front area complete with the daily assortment of chocolates and truffles (twenty-four in total), along with a range of pretty packaged goods. In the back, is a more loungey area where patrons can sit, chat or surf free WiFi.

Adam & Eve Chocolatier

I instantly make a beeline for their famous house made gelato. I try the Romantic Rose and instantly fall in love with the fresh, fragrant mild taste. As my companion Casey puts it best, "It reminds me of my grandma."

Adam & Eve Chocolatier

The lavender truffle ($2) is equally floral, but pleasant and not the least bit overbearing in taste. The perfume from the flower and mild tartness is a welcome compliment to the velvety dark chocolate shell.

The Japanese Matcha truffle (pictured above) lacks in capturing the matcha's flavour intensity, but the white chocolate is of premium quality.

The Fleur du Sel and Caramel Dome by far surpasses by its competitors. A dome of pure milk chocolate enrobes of ooey gooey caramel, complete with fleur du sel crystals. At once a harmonious balance of sweet and salty, and smooth and crunchy, it's an innovative take on the common truffle.

Adam & Eve Chocolatier

All chocolates are handcrafted by their on-site chocolatier using fine Belgian Callebaut chocolate. Their Elektra espresso maker is revved up for yet another long winter. I also hear that homemade brownies made from fine chocolate will be the next addition to A&E Chocolatier's baked goods menu. I'll have to come back to indulge in them soon.


Adam & Eve Chocolatier

Photos by Casey Cunningham

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