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Toronto considers easing food truck regulations

Following on the heels of a pilot project in which Toronto food trucks enjoyed slightly less strict regulations, the city is soliciting public input on how best to mange the burgeoning industry. As part of a public consultation process that began last night at city hall, some of the ideas being floated for a new food truck by-law were revealed by municipal licensing and standards. While any new strategies will have to be approved by city council, it would appear that there's reason to be cautiously optimistic for food truck fans.

As part of a new harmonized by-law that handles street food operations, the city appears keen to allow food trucks to operate for longer periods in a given location, grant them access to public property likes parks, and to make it easier to acquire a permit in the first place. Regulations related to the distance from restaurants that street vendors must maintain are also likely to be rewritten (at present food trucks must stay at least 25 metres away from restaurants that are deemed to sell similar foods).

The role that BIAs play in how permits are issued is also up for discussion, as that's proved a stumbling block in the past. The next public consultation is Monday, after which a staff report will go before the licensing and standards committee in the spring. What would you like to see happen for Toronto food trucks? Share your ideas in the comments.

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