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OrangeTheory fitness began as an ambitious HIIT training studio in Florida in 2010, expanding to 400 franchised studios in 40 states.

It's now Canada with 11 locations across the GTA, including this location on the Danforth with another massive location at Yonge and Eglinton.

orange theory torontoA one-hour workout that burns for 36 hours; that’s the OrangeTheory claim. The “afterburn” is the basis for the theory that the body increases its oxygen consumption and therefore the number of calories burned after an intense workout.

orange theory torontoWhile that may seem overly enthusiastic, it’s not that far off. The 60-minute interval workout is a well-designed combination of weigh lifting, TRX, and rowing intervals capped off with an average 25-minute session on the treadmill.

orange theory torontoIt’s a reliable mix of high intensity. While you can modify workouts for injuries, you can’t expect this to be a low impact workout. It’s about burning calories fast and efficiently.

orange theory torontoI have a particular love-hate relationship with the treadmill, but at OrangeTheory, I have felt a sense of empowerment in my workouts and my ability to strengthen my running. It has consistently made me push myself. The workout goes by fast, and I live for the post-workout satisfaction an OrangeTheory session provides.

orange theory torontoWhat sets OrangeTheory apart is the real-time results monitored in ‘orange’ or ‘red zones’ displayed on monitors in the studio. All participants wear a heart monitor attached to the chest or wrist which shows the zone you’re in.

orange theory torontoThe goal is to stay in the orange zone, with the red zone signifying an elevated heart rate. Each zone gives you splat points. Splat points indicate which zone you stayed in the most. The key is to achieve “the orange effect,” which occurs when you spend 12 minutes or more in the combined orange and red zones.

orange theory torontoWhile the heart rate display may seem intimidating, I like the incentive it provides. The more I know about which zone I’m in, the more I want to increase my intensity.

orange theory torontoI also appreciate how closely the instructors monitor us for proper form. Since becoming a regular at the Danforth location, I’ve received instruction on how to increase my efficiency on the rower by placing my hands and legs properly.

orange theory torontoAt the end of the workout, you get a summary, which displays splat points and calories burned. I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in my results when I see this.

orange theory toronto

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Orangetheory Fitness

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