Movemeant Fitness Studio

Movemeant Fitness Studio

Movemeant Fitness Studio described in one word would be personal . If I had to describe Movemeant's owner, Matt Kenny, in one word, it would be sincere . These are not words you often see associated with a big, corporate fitness chain, nor are these attributes you're likely to find in one. So while Movemeant is small and doesn't have a whole lot of frills, it has warmth and a sense of community for those looking for more than just a place to work up a sweat.

Matt has been involved in the fitness industry for almost 10 years, however, running Movemeant and teaching virtually all the group fitness classes on the schedule is not even his full-time job. Matt also works as a Supervisor of Special Events for the City of Toronto and runs a yoga and wellness retreat business. So lack of time as an excuse for not exercising isn't going to cut it with him.

Movemeant Fitness Studio

Movemeant recently moved from an unassuming industrial building on Richmond to a new space on Adelaide near Strachan. The space is literally one open room, which consists of 7 Gravity machines, 6 TRX systems, and 20 spin bikes. There are 2 change rooms with showers and a roomy front entrance area for storing shoes and outerwear. Everything is clean, elegant and understated. But it is the service, not the space nor the equipment that makes Movemeant unique, it is Matt himself.

Matt puts me through a demo workout on a Gravity machine - a functional strength training apparatus for the uninitiated - that demonstrates both his technical knowledge and exceptional people-skills. Gravity training is perfect for those just getting familiar with strength-based exercise, as well as experienced individuals looking to tweak their fitness or athletic performance. Matt aims to challenge and inspire his participants, but is also attentive to individual needs and safety issues. The fact that Matt wants to help people get fitter and loves what he does comes through in his approach.

Movemeant Fitness Studio

Because Matt is both the owner and the trainer of the facility, client questions and concerns are addressed directly by him and he is able to establish a personal relationship with each one. This means he will notice if you start skipping your workouts! If you want to get even more personal with Matt, he offers one-on-one training sessions, in addition to the group fitness classes.

Matt sends an email with directions and helpful information after you register for a class, and follows up with a thank you email following your session. It is this added personal touch that makes a real difference.

Prices are comparable to other studios, with a single class starting at $20, and personal training starting at $60/session, with discounts increasing with larger packages and longer contracts.

Movemeant Fitness Studio

If you like to slip in and out of a gym anonymously, without uttering a word to anyone, Movement will terrify you. But if you have struggled to adhere to an exercise program in the past, need some inspiration, but don't want to be subjected to drill-sergeant-type training, than working with Matt and the community he is building may be just what you need.

Photos by Denise McMullin

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