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People already have hilarious episode ideas for Toronto's Law and Order series

Crime drama fans were delighted to learn of a new spinoff in the Law & Order franchise announced on Monday, one set right here in Toronto.

Citytv revealed that it has greenlit a series titled Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent, a Canadian adaptation of the venerable crime drama franchise dating back to 1990, known for its iconic locking jail cell "dun dun" sound effect.

The bombshell announcement immediately sparked the imagination of locals, wondering aloud what a Toronto-based instalment in the Law & Order franchise will look like when it finally hits the airwaves sometime in 2024.

"Law and Order: Toronto? Every episode ends with the criminals getting away with it," reads one comment in a clear shot at policing and increasing crime in the city.

In the midst of a heated mayoral election campaign, even political candidates are being fan-fictioned into the yet-to-air series, like Mark Saunders taking heat here for his controversial handling of the Bruce McArthur investigation during his tenure as police chief.

Or how about an episode dedicated to the dramatic tale of Darwin, the famous Toronto IKEA monkey.

Nothing says Canadian crime lore like the legendary Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, though this suggestion loses points for being set in the wrong province.

For something a bit more local, one Twitter user suggests — no, demands — that the series feature an episode set in Drake's sprawling Bridle Path mansion.

A Blue Jays fan dejected over the miserable start of once-ace pitcher Alek Manoah had their own take on a potential plotline looking into the starter's figurative disappearance.

Law & Order typically covers crimes much more heinous than petty theft, but one commenter thinks that Toronto's most notorious trash thieves deserve their moment in the spotlight in any series covering crime in the city.

Based on all the social media chatter, it's clear that people are excited to see how a Law & Order adaptation plays out in the city we've all come to know and (for the most part) love.

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