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Cineplex plans to offer cheaper tickets to some movies in Toronto theatres

Movie tickets are one of those luxuries in Toronto that keep getting more expensive and many people are cutting out, at a time when saving money is key.

Cineplex is trying to lure audiences back to theatres by offering a solution to that issue with cheaper tickets.

You're especially in luck if you're a senior citizen, or just want to see the new movie 80 for Brady starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

The movie opened on February 3, and according to Global News, distributor Paramount Pictures asked Cineplex to sell tickets any day of the week at Tuesday prices, which is a 40 per cent discount.

However, if you're already getting a senior discount, those tickets are only reduced by around 13 per cent.

Global reports that chief executive Ellis Jacob says Cineplex is doing "experiments" by "different pricing for different types of product."

"We want to be accommodating to our guests and we want to have the right pricing for the opportunity," says Ellis. He also says there might be experiments with lowering ticket costs for other movies, but it would depend on the movie.

AMC has also been experimenting with ways to offer tickets for different pricing, but their idea of basing ticket prices off the location of seats in the theatre has drawn criticism, most notably from star Elijah Wood

Ellis says Cineplex likely wouldn't be going in that direction, though at one point previously they did experiment with a prime seating model that was difficult to maintain as people would sit in seats they didn't pay for.

Cineplex is also planning on opening a new kind of entertainment complex called Junxion near Toronto soon.

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