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Nicolas Cage is filming in Toronto right now but you probably won't recognize him

American actor and Coppola progeny Nicolas Cage has been spotted in downtown Toronto over the past week filming for A24's highly-anticipated comedy Dream Scenarioa film for which details are being closely guarded, but apparently involves a balding character.

As reported by PEOPLE, the 58-year-old superstar was photographed outside Toronto's Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre on Friday night.

A few onlookers managed to snap pics as they passed by the theatre on Yonge Street, but it's hard to tell (unless you already know) that the subject pictured is actually Cage, as he looked more like George Costanza than his usual self.

Yup, despite widespread rumours that the actor had gotten a hair transplant procedure, Nic Cage was a total cue ball.

It is likely, if not almost certain that he was wearing some sort of prosthetic bald patch, based on recent works and media appearances in which he still rocks a full head of his famously expressive hair.

Cage also donned a protective parka and optical lenses while filming in The 6ix, though it is unclear if either were costume pieces as opposed to the actor's own garb.

Dream Scenario is scheduled for shooting in Toronto from Oct. 17 until Nov. 18, which means you've still got time to creep on Cage locally, if you can find (and recognize) him.

Little is known about the forthcoming film's plot aside from the fact that it's supposed to be funny, and that is being jointly produced by A24 and Square Peg — the same collaborative team who gave us such distinctly unfunny works as Hereditary and Midsommar.

A release date for the film has yet to be announced, but according to its IMDB listing, additional cast members include Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera, Kate Berlant, Dylan Baker and Tim Meadows.

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