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90s superstar spotted filming new Netflix series in Toronto

Toronto, known industry-wide as an affordable stand-in for NYC city scenes, now hosts another upcoming Netflix series featuring none other than the 90s superstar Kim Cattrall. 

Raised in Canada until around 16, Kim has a decades-long acting portfolio with the iconic "Sex and the City" HBO series cementing her status as a household-name alongside Sarah Jessica Parker.

The actress will be one of the central characters in "Glamorous," a show that follows the story of a queer, gender non-conforming Youtuber, Marco Mejia, who's hired as an intern at Glamorous Cosmetics. Cattrall will be playing the company's makeup mogul and CEO. 

The two characters form a bond as Madolyn Addison, Cattrall's character, hires the talented Youtuber to help her discover who is destroying her company from the inside out. In exchange, Addison teaches her young apprentice everything about the makeup business. 

Production is already well on its way. The series started filming on July 11th and is set to shoot until November 4th, 2022 near the Bay-Adelaide Centre - the same filming location used by the show Suits for their prestigious law offices. 

If you're lucky, you may be able to spot the "Sex and the City" actress in downtown Toronto throughout the next few months.

And frankly, who wouldn't melt at the thought of meeting Samantha Jones in person?

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90s superstar spotted filming new Netflix series in Toronto

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